Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Surrender

For those of you who know me really well,
 you know that the Rachel Gordon 5 years ago
and the Rachel Gordon now are two completely different people.
That college girl from a few years back is someone I would  love to forget completely,
along with all of the mistakes she made.
But, through it all I have learned about redemption through Christ,
and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

My life is now drastically different.
God saved this sinner's life.
In Him I am a new creation.
I am forgiven.
I am free.

I look back a couple years ago and I see a God who fully pursued me, 
a God who wanted so badly to have me,
 and a God that never gave up fighting for me.
He was always by my side, telling me He loves me.
Even when I spit in His face and tried so hard to push Him away.
Until finally, by His Grace I somehow surrendered. 
And now I truly know how sweet surrender can be.

As some of  you readers may, or may not know, 
this coming year I have been given the opportunity do to something so great. 
I am interning with an organization called Campus Crusade for Christ.
 (The new name Cru will take effect in 2012).
 It is a non profit, christian missions organization.
I cannot be more excited for this new adventure in life!

It was through this organization that the Lord changed my life
and lead me into a true relationship with Him.
Without my involvement in Campus Crusade in college,
I am not sure where my relationship with the Lord would be today. 
Sure, God could have used plenty of other means to get my attention.
But He didn't, He specifically chose this ministry!
And now the Lord has given me an opportunity to be a part of something big.

If you know me, you also know that I am more of the quiet type, I'm shy.
But now, I cannot sit and be silent.
God has been gracious enough to save me and I don't deserve it.
He has given me a gift and a passion to share it. 
And that is just what I get to do this year.

I get to share God's saving grace and love with college students at UC Irvine.
 Students who are most likely going through situations similar
 (and some not so similar) to mine.
I get to be there for them, to love on them and encourage them no matter where they stand.
I get to share with them, that there is a God who loves them unconditionally more than they will ever know.
A God who died for them, so they can experience freedom from sin and death.
A God who desires to know them and be in a relationship with them.

I have never experienced a passion like this in all my life.
And at this moment, I am in need of people who share any or all of these passions with me.
People who desire to see changed lives.
People who have also been impacted by Campus Crusade.
People who have a heart for college students.
People who want everyone to have a chance to hear the Gospel.
People who have kids in college.
Even people who went to UC Irvine!

I am currently raising the financial support I need in order to begin working in
September and complete my one year commitment to Campus Crusade.
Support raising has been a rough journey, but the Lord continues to give me miracles.
Providing support in places I would have never expected and bringing me to about 50% of what I need so far.
And He is not done yet!

Right now, this very minute, I am in need of both prayer and financial support.
Both which are equally important!
If you want to know more about Campus Crusade for Christ you can check out their website here.

If you have, or know anyone who could have, a desire to be involved
in this ministry and join my team, please feel free to contact me.
And if you would like to make a donation to help me reach my support goal you can follow the link below, it's quick and easy:

My Online Giving Page

I must continue to surrender to the Lord,
surrendering my fears, my worries and
 all my discouragements during this process.
I have tasted it before and know the sweetness of total surrender.

I have 11 days to bring in the rest of my support.
But the cool thing is, God doesn't work by our deadlines.
His timing is His timing.

I am fully confident in the Lord, that He will provide what I need.
He always has, and He always will.

Bring it on!