Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday {and it's actually thursday this time}

Happy Thankful Thursday 
{and last day of February}
to you!

Today I am thankful...
that tomorrow is March 1st
{the start of a new month and new adventures}
for a great weekend
sleeping in
surprise lunch dates with my mom

time spent with my sweet friend michelle
group phone calls
dollar theater adventures
movie popcorn
vanilla coke
late night trips to Farrell's in brea
life giving conversations
english breakfast tea lattes
my sweet friend steph visiting from san fransico

coffee dates
beautiful spring weather
the sound of wind blowing through pine trees
the smell of freshly mowed grass
finding out i'll be staffing the santa Monica summer project this june
planning summer trips to Idaho
the many endearing faces of my niece

dinner out with cousins
eating peanut butter straight out of the jar
keeping my room clean for a week and a half
{a milestone to be sure}
waking up in the morning and skyping with my roommate margo
that margo is coming home in 6 days
20 days until South Africa
impromptu naps on the couch
getting my car back
{after 2 long months}
that she is alive and well and is currently sitting outside my apartment

dreaming about what's next
planning for the future
falling deeper in love with my passions
how much the Lord persues after us
God's tender but firm voice
john 6:25-59
for the freedom found in Christ

What are you thankful for today?...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday {Friday}

Happy Thankful Thursday  Friday to you!

Life has been busy as of late and I'm afraid I don't even know what day of the week it is.
 I'm also afraid illness has struck.
On Valentines Day I found out I have shingles.
{so lovely}
and a couple days ago I turned into a 
tea drinking, sore throat, congested, snotty, fuzzy brained mess.

Needless to say I've been a bit of a grumpy pants
{sorry to any of those it has affected}
so this post could not come at a better time.
I'm in need of some reminding of all the the blessings
the Lord has provided.

Today I am thankful for
tea & honey
our comfy couch
new doctors 
great books
having my own bedroom,
being able to make this space my own

sweet roommates who take care of me
that in 12 days my other half will be moving back from Florida
nesting & decorating
family dinners
{and the leftovers that come with them}
my tiny garden
picking out flowers at the flower mart

flower arranging
fresh flowers in the apartment
the smell of stock
trips to Lowe's garden center
birthday celebrations
my baby niece holding me and telling me she loves me
giving my niece lessons in gardening
and watching her learn

a successful women's retreat
the snow covered hills around Irvine
facebook messages from friends I haven't seen in a while
candle light
twinkle lights
being made aware of areas in my life that need growth
good conversations
getting to know people better
opportunities to be creative
building a portfolio
that in 26 days I will be boarding a plane to South Africa
that tomorrow is Saturday

What are you thankful for today?...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


1.5 days till my favorite flower holiday.
I've been swooning over all the beautiful
{but extremely over priced}
flower arrangements lately.

And I can't wait to make a few of my own
with these gorgeous blooms I found today.
The anticipation in killing me.