Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY flower crown tutorial-straight from the garden

i don't know exactly what it is
but there is something so wonderful about wearing flowers in my hair

it brings me back to being a little girl
running around barefoot in the yard
picking flowers
making mud pies
it stirs up something in my soul
it makes me long for adventure and wonder

it's romantic
it's magical
it's beautiful

so naturally 
i love the idea of flower crowns for weddings
i can't think of a better occasion for a woman
to adorn her hair with bunches of gorgeous blooms
if i ever get married
you bet i'll be wearing flowers in my hair
forget jewelry
 i'll be accessorising with florals
but until then
i'll just be making flower crowns for others

but if you ever find yourself wanting to make a flower crown of your own
whether it's for a wedding or just for fun
i've got a little tutorial for you
it's literally easy as 1, 2, 3
and it's a bundle of fun
and you don't have to go very far to get your florals 
or even spend any money on them
just step outside into your yard
i guarantee you will have plenty to work with
be creative
and let your inner wild child run free
bringing you back to those daisy chain days

things you'll need
thin green floral wire
millinery wire 
wire cutters
flower snippers
a few of your favorite florals from the garden

florals i cut
maidenhair fern
crape myrtle flowers
privet leaves

step 1. 
use millinery wire. measure where you want your crown to rest on your head. connect the ends of the wire by wrapping them around each other tightly so it stays in place. you now have the base of your crown.

step 2.
 use some small greens to cover the millinery wire. i used herbs from the garden. place your greens around the crown and use your thin floral wire to attach them, wiring as you go.

step 3. 
now attach the rest of your favorite florals

by gathering them and wiring them to the crown just like you wired the greens. you can wire them individually as well as in little bunches, whichever way is easiest for you. 

i chose to do a cluster of flowers just on one side of my crown, but there are no rules. you can place flowers wherever you want on your crown.

once you're done attaching your flowers
you are finished and can enjoy
your very own floral crown.

don't be afraid to be creative
this is your flower crown
let your personality shine through your design
and have fun!