Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thankful Thursday: the one where I met the man I would one day marry

Happy T H A N K F U L   T H U R S A D A Y  folks

i'm so excited it's thursday
for one it means that tomorrow is friday
(insert praising hand emoji's here)
(2) my love comes home from Albania one week from today
and (3) i'm beyond excited for this post
bear with me as i am a bit sentimental at the moment
i think i get that from my dad
(hi dad)

i love looking back on seasons in my life
the good ones and the not so good ones
i love seeing how God's faithfulness
in all circumstances
has never failed
and most of the time that always comes as a surprise to me
i love looking back at times in my life where
my hopes, dreams and hearts desires
were nothing in comparison to what the Lord had in store for me

things like ending up at Cal Poly SLO
(even though i had no desire to go there)
but then i met the most incredible people
then there were trips that i went on overseas that i was terrified to go on
but they led me deeper into a reliance on the Lord
and brought me into relationship with incredible friends
and those relationships have opened up the door for opportunities that would have never
come otherwise
(like meeting more people and traveling to Utah to do wedding flowers)
in all of these situations
Gods plans were so much bigger
soooooooo much
God is always working
He is always up to something
always orchestrating
whether we see it or not

today i am so thankful
that god's plans for my life
are so much greater than the plans that i could ever have for myself

it was 4 years ago
that God began paving the way for something
so great
and so wonderful
gosh and i had no idea what was to come

J U N E  2 3,  2 0 1 3
this was the day that i met the man i would one day marry
this incredible man

and i had no clue
no freaking clue

i never would have thought in a million years it would have been him
was i interested?
did i want to get to know this man more?
was he at all on my radar?
not even the slightest

honestly i can't remember the point at which i first met him
i don't remember our introduction
but i do remember the day

my roommate margo and i had friends staying with us for a couple days
and so after church that sunday
we found ourselves at lunch with some guys from the young adult group

(who are the photo bombers)

we ate lunch at the iron press
then walked around the OC Mix Mart
and stumbled into a cute store that had so many garden knick nacks
and succulents
and suddenly one of the guys we were with was in a picture with me

clearly we can see that he loved me then
i mean what other guy would take a picture with me and a fern??

i don't remember having a conversation with him that day
i don't remember even saying goodbye
but i do remember my roommate margo
taking this photograph of me with my favorite type of fern
and this guy named Robert who jumped on in
(and now that i know him 
him jumping into this picture makes total sense)

it's clear to me now that i was in no way at a place in my life
where there was capacity or space for robert when we met
i had plans and desires and dreams of how my life was going to look
and nothing was going to get in the way of that

but the Lord was already orchestrating
and He was so gracious and gave me a little glimpse into what was to come
even though i was completely oblivious

over the course of the next two years i would see robert a few times
mostly at social gatherings hosted by our mutual friends
he was around
but we weren't friends
we were acquaintances
 nothing beyond a "hey" or a "hi" when we saw each other
the only amount of friendship we had was a Facebook "friendship"

and it wasn't really until the beginning/middle of 2015
my heart started to shift
and that's a story for another time
(blog post to follow)

 i can't believe i'm sitting here writing this post
i can't believe the journey that the Lord has had me and robert on
(and now together)
over the past 4 years
i can't believe that i am thankful for that random day in 2013
i can't believe that i fell in love with
and am marrying that man who jumped in that picture with me
i can't believe how incredible that man in the picture is
(cause i didn't know for a long time)
i can't believe how much God has used robert to 
change my life
to challenge me
to grow me
to show me how much my Savior loves me

 4 years ago
I  H A D   N O   I D E A

im so thankful
so so so thankful that i had no idea then
and i'm so thankful now that i can look back and see the Lord's hand in everything
im so so so thankful that Gods plan has/continues to be beyond what i could have ever
dreamt of for myself
i'm so thankful for all the big 
(and little)
things in my past that the Lord has used to bring me to where i am today
i wouldn't trade them for anything

what are you thankful for today???

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thankful Thursday: the one where gratitude changes everything.

It's been a while.
Almost three whole years.
I'm not sure how, when, or why I walked away from the blogging world
but I guess I'm back
for a little bit at least.
It honestly feels awkward sitting here at my computer typing this
I feel like I've never done this before.
I feel out of place.
Power through Rae, power through!

Ok so I have this framed print out that I found online
(for free obvi)
during the Thanksgiving season a few years back.
I printed it not because it was a free thanksgiving printable
(cause lets be real who doesn't love a freebee printable)
but because I love what it says.

G R A T I T U D E   C H A N G E S   E V E R Y T H I N G
and I really believe that it does.

Over the past couple months I have gone back and forth
between wanting and not wanting to
revisit this blog
But every time I go to the bathroom
or take a shower
or brush my teeth 
I see this phrase staring back at me
and today I finally made a decision
(and ironically it is Thursday)
I am going to *attempt* to bring back
Thankful Thursdays.

I'm not sure what this will look like.
I'm not sure if it will look like it used to.
I'm not sure if I'll do it every week.
But right now I am doing it.

In my current season of life
(the busy season...which i feel like every season of life is)
 I don't want any of the Lords provisions to go unnoticed.
I don't want to loose my gratitude for his provisions because I am
"too busy"
that's unacceptable

So this blog is to keep me accountable
 to keep me grateful for all the provisions God has so graciously given and continues to give. 
(I deserve N O N E of them btw)
The little things.
The big things.
And everything in between.

So with all that being said
 today I am thankful for...

dinner dates
conversations with my mom
celebrating my sweet dad
quick trips to San Diego
celebrating friends and their accomplishments 
(yay lindsay)

car rides down the coast
summer nights
weekend trips to Salt Lake City
(even if I hate them, they are still pretty incredible)

being surrounded by mountains
catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while
meeting precious babies
coffee, coffee and more coffee
celebrating beautiful weddings

playing with flowers
a fiancé who will drive all the way to LAX to pick me up late at night
(even if he is exhausted)...
...and then take me to In n Out
seeing my puppy
(insert weeping emojis here)
surprising friends late at night
angels games
face timing with friends in Florida
my job
my home
my room
my sweet roommates
my car(s)
wedding planning
getting to marry my best friend
(this total babe)

sweet text messages from my friends parents who offer to help with wedding plans
getting to marry my best friend
(i know i said that twice)
trips to home depot
dinner on the patio
that june gloom came and left quickly
sweet, life giving conversations
potting benches
McDonalds vanilla iced coffee
(if you haven't had one you are missing out)
my church
evening walks with  T O N S  of gorgeous blooms

and lastly
I am so thankful for my Saviors immense and radical love for me.
I am so grateful for his abundant blessings in my life
none of which I deserve and yet he pours out his blessings

what are you thankful for today???