Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Terrarium Tuesday: the fool proof terrarium tutorial

you want to make a terrarium
but you're afraid you're going to kill it

well i've got a confession
i {just like many of you} kill plants
what? the plant loving, terrarium building, floral designer girl kills plants?..
you bet i do
want proof

this used to be the cutest little fern
then i killed it
{my bad}

the thing is
plants have minds of their own
sure there are very specific reasons a plant dies
{i've studied every possible scientific cause of their death}
but in my opinion
plants are going to do what they want to do when they want to do it
regardless of how much we tend to them
if they want to die
they're going to
and sometimes it's the opposite
a completely neglected plant will continue living and living and living
and just not quit
{even if you want it to}
minds of their own i tell you
minds of their own

well here is a tutorial for all you self proclaimed
"plant killers"
it's the easiest terrarium you will ever make
and one that you don't have to worry about dying days after you make it
it is absolutely fool proof


glass container
craft moss bought at michaels
small pebbles
twig cut from our mulberry tree

pour as much or as little sand as you want into jar

add your moss

add your pebbles

add your twig{s}

enjoy your kill proof 
and absolutely adorably darling terrarium!

Happy Terrarium Tuesday!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday: he never stops, he never ever stops

happy thankful thursday to you!

i've been intentionally staying away from thankful thursdays recently
but today i'm biting the bullet
so here goes nothing

one of my favorite worship songs is
 "blessed be your name"
its an extremely simple and slightly repetitive song
but i think that's why i like it so much
it's straight to the point
and over the past couple weeks there is one line of lyrics from that song
that keeps replaying over and over in my head
when i'm washing the dishes
when i'm laying in bed
when i'm working
"you give and take away, you give and take away" 

the past few months have been beautiful
so very very beautiful
filled with excitement and newness and beauty and wonder
then there was a day when everything shifted
directions were changed and rhythm was broken

the past couple weeks have been unexpected to say the least
a few months ago i never thought i would be
where i am right now
i never thought i'd be
picking up the pieces of a failed relationship
dealing with different disappointments and let downs
struggling to find anything positive about where i am
i never thought i'd be writing a post about all this

 over the past couple of days i have been reminded that
everything i have belongs to the one who provided me with them
all are provisions given to me by my heavenly father

talents and abilities
the roof over my head

he most certainly gives and gives abundantly
and on occasion he does take away

in the past couple weeks i have lost things
things i held dear
 things i truly did care about
things that in my selfishness and entitlement
 i held onto tightly and labeled as "mine"

well it took losing them 
to realize none of them were actually mine to begin with
they were gifts that were given to me
and that were intricately created by 
 the hands of the lord

it took a painful break up
to realize the man i "lost" was never actually mine
he belongs to the lord just like i do
the relationship we had
it was never mine
rather it was a beautiful gift that was given to me
 for that specific moment in time

it took losing material possessions that i daily rely on
to realize they aren't mine and never have been
{and also to remind me who is really orchestrating my finances}
they are all provisions that were given to me
things in no way i deserve
and yet i feel entitled to

it took a week of laying in bed 
sicker than i've been in years
to realize that my body and my health are not my own
they are in the hands of my creator
good health is truly a gift
and something that is so easily taken for granted

so here it is plain and simple
 nothing is our own
 god is good

when he gives 
he is good
when he takes away
he is still good
he knows us
he knows what's best
and it's in the moments he takes away
he swoops in and does something that only he can do
he restores
he fixes
he heals
he reveals how much he wants us
and how much he wants us to experience abundant life

i get so caught up in what i've lost
i become blind to the fact that god is still working
because in what we see as loss god is still giving
guys he...is...still...giving
he never stops
he never ever stops

yes the lord has taken things away in the past couple of weeks
but in the past couple of weeks
i have never experienced more love and grace 
from my friends
i have never felt so deeply cared for 
and affirmed 
{things i don't deserve}
god is radiating through my sweet friends
he is restoring my brokenness through his provisions

he is once again proving to me
that he is the most important thing
that i need to be willing to give up and let go of things i hold dear
{because they aren't even mine}
for him
for his will
for his plan
because he is good

today i am thankful for so much
for starters
i am thankful for
friends who are patient with me
friends who deeply care for me
friends who listen
friends who hold me when i'm hurting
friends who put there hands on me to let me know they are there
visiting friends i haven't seen in years
trips to san fransico
hikes in berkley

glasses of wine and downton abbey
snuggles from my puppy
watching my nephew learn how to smile

sleepovers with my niece
making terrariums
playing with flowers
conversation over beer and scrabble
that at any given moment i can walk into a room and see gracie asleep like this
{my dog is a total freak}

friends who are persistent
friends who speak truth
friends who take care of me when i'm sick
trips to orange county
meeting with brides
morning coffee on the patio with margo

wedding dress shopping 
face timing with far away friends
making big decisions
taking chances
gods protection
planning a year full of weddings
spur of the moment trips to sequoia national park
long car rides with friends

i am thankful that 
god gives
takes away
and provides

 just as the song says
 god you give and take away
but today
my heart will choose to say
 blessed be your name

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Terrarium Tutorial: Reuse, Recycle & Regenerate

its the perfect tuesday
for a little dose of terrariums

i've got a huge thing for terrariums
they're adorable and pretty stinking cool
and they make my heart flutter all over the place
 you can find them just about anywhere now
i found these in a clothing boutique on pier 39 in san francisco for $20
{which is a bit steep if you ask me...}

i also have a mini obsession with glass jars
they're just so nifty
maybe its because you can use them for anything
{drinking, crafting, q-tip holding...literally anything}
and sometimes it's that olive jar, jam jar, or pasta sauce jar sitting in your recycle
that will make the perfect terrarium
 no need to spend your life savings on a crate and barrel apothecary jar
{though i wouldn't mind owning one or two of those...}
when you can just reuse use what you already have

 i also have this soft spot in my heart for reject plants
you know
the ones that sit on the clearance racks in garden sections
waiting for their imminent death
they're just so sad
i always do a quick walk by just in case i can save a plant or two
and bring them back to health
and sometimes a terrarium is the perfect place
for a helpless plant to regenerate and make its comeback
and on occasion there will be a very sweet guy working in the garden department 
who will just give you clearanced plants for free
{a smile may increase your chances}

so here's a little DIY terrarium tutorial for those of you
 that like to reuse, recycle and don't want to break the bank

my materials

olive jar, pasta sauce jar, baby food jar, kerr jar, all from the recycle {$0}
irish moss Sagina subulata purchased with a home depot gift card {$0}
a rescued zebra plant Hawthornia fasciata {$0}
a rescued echeveria hybrid Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg' {$0}
soil from a potted plant in yard {$0}
rocks from yard {$0}
bark and twigs collected from yard {$0}

the moss terrarium

1. begin by placing a layer of rocks in your container
2. add a layer of soil

3. remove moss from container and break up rootball
4. place moss in container and press down gently to nest it into the top of the layer of soil

5. add rocks, bark, twigs, or figurines for embellishment
{if desired}

6. water enough so things are moist but do not saturate 
7. place lid on container
{lid will need to be removed occasionally for air flow}
8. enjoy your creation!

the succulent terrarium

1. place layer of rocks then a layer of soil

2. remove succulent from container break up root ball
3. place succulent{s} in soil
4. use a spoon to add soil around the succulent

5. add embellishments 
{i added some moss and bark}
6. water but do not put a lid on the container
{succulents need air circulation}
7. soak up the cuteness!

follow same steps for these smaller plantings

for $0
i recycled 4 glass jars
saved two succulents
 made 4 terrariums
and had an absolute blast doing it

terrariums are perfect for table tops
window sills
and make great gifts
{housewarming, get well, birthday, just because...}

i'm currently keeping these little guys all to myself though
as they've now made their new home on the dresser in my bedroom