Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Thankfuls {wait it's not thursday}...

i know, i know, i know
it's not thursday
it's sunday
but today is still a great day to be thankful
i've got a hot cup of tea to my right
 a sweet pup curled up at my feet
and a little bit of down time
so let's do this

a lot has changed since my
last thankful thursday post
a lot
and for that i am so thankful

i am so thankful that i serve a god
who is always working
never stagnant
a god who protects me 
who goes before me in everything
a god who can take my
clouded judgments
and mistakes
and transform them into something beautiful
who can turn them into new adventures
and things i never would have expected

only He can do these things
and i'm so thankful He does
i'm so thankful He doesn't give up on us
i'm so thankful He pursues
i'm so thankful he loves us beyond all comprehension
and i am so thankful that
 i am His

today i am thankful for so much
for trips to orange county
housewarming parties
friends who hire me 
to make flower arrangements for their home

the church i am now going to
restoration and healing of broken hearts
friends coming to visit me
learning to bake homemade bread
dinner out with my cousin 
hikes with my sweet friend jenny
{babe alert}

conversations on the front porch
walks with my sweet puppy
my running shoes
cool evening runs
weekly phone dates with my friend erin
encouraging letters from north carolina
getting this unbelievably sweet and completely undeserved
gift in the mail from my best friend

happy hour on sunset blvd
evenings in downtown la
meeting new people
an ice cold rum and coke
making decisions
{for those that know me you know this is a big deal}
deciding to start my own business
{say what?!...}
new job opportunities
flowers cut straight from the garden
{and grown from seeds!}

learning to be brave
my morning coffee
friends who encourage me in everything i do
my passion for horticulture
{that it is still growing daily}
my music library
"talking" with my nephew
while my niece smothers me
{i melt}

super bowl sunday with my family
seeing old friends 
surprise frozen yogurt
parents who are still allowing me to live with them
{thanks mom and dad,
i promise i'll be out soon}
my little car that just keeps going and going

and lastly
i am thankful that i'm now off
to meet with a bride to talk about wedding flowers

God's blessings are abundant
whether it's thursday
every stinking day He pours out blessing after blessing

so what are you thankful for?...