Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY SucculentTerrarium Tutorial

I love Terrariums.
I love the oohhss and  aahhss I hear when people glance at them.
I love the wide eyes kids get as they inspect
 the tiny, magical, enclosed garden.
I love the smiles they bring people.
I love that they can spruce up a bookshelf, coffee table, desk
or even add that perfect touch to a windowsill.
And I love that I can bring my oh so favorite outdoors indoors.

Another thing I love?
How incredibly easy they are to make.
Here is a little tutorial on how to make your very own succulent terrarium.

any glass jar
{found mine in the cupboard}
potting soil and assorted Aloe plants
{great prices and selection at my local Wal Mart}
rocks and twigs
{from around my apartment complex)
big bowl

{1} place a layer of rocks at the bottom of your glass container,
this helps with drainage.

{2}cover rocks with a layer of your potting soil,
as much or as little as you desire.

{3} remove your succulents from their containers,
break up the root ball and get rid of excess soil.
{I actually split my larger Aloe plant into three}

{4} Use your finger, a spoon, etc. 
to dig and make spaces in the soil for your plants.

{5} place plants in desired locations.

{6} after plants are placed in the container,
add more soil to cover any exposed roots 
and to help secure the plants in place.

{7} When you're plants are planted and you're done adding your soil,
use a small brush to brush of excess soil that may be stuck in the plants crevices. 

{8}now it's time to add those personal touches!
add twigs, moss, rocks or whatever tickles your fancy to give your terrarium some character.

{9} enjoy your new little, bitty garden

{10} enjoy your new little, bitty garden.

Happy terrarium building to you!