Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday: let the pun begin!

Happy Thankful Thursday!

i'm going to get straight to the point.
i love puns
like a lot

they're probably one of my favorite things
and they make me so incredibly happy
they bring me so much joy
whether they're spur of the moment or carefully thought out
i just love them

puns all day
erry day

i have to believe that God has an amazing sense of humor
after all we are created in His image
we reflect His characteristics
and humor is definitely a characteristic that people have
so it must come from Him
{i can only imagine how punderful His jokes would be}

so today i am thankful for humor
for joy
for laughing
for goofiness
for puns

and just for you
here are some puns that i myself have enjoyed
and they are most certainly pun in a million
now let the pun being!...






what are the things you thankful for
 that make you laugh
 that bring you joy? 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday: He is good in all things.

happy Thankful Thursday
and a very happy first week of november to you!

i've been teetering back and forth 
all day
whether or not i should post anything today
but today, just like every day
 god deserves praise

i really have no idea how this post is going to turn out
i've been struggling to put words to what is actually going on in my head
so i'm just writing
 bear with me

the past couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster
so many ups and downs
and while my 15 year old self loved the thrill of roller coasters
my 25 year old self feels sick just thinking about them
{such a travesty} 
 there have been so many feelings that have accompanied the past couple weeks
 sorrow, joy, heartache, wonder, frustration, love, desperation,
disappointment, loneliness, excitement, hope....
{just to name a few}

i've learned over the past couple of years
that i'm a feeler
like a true blue feeler
{myers briggs and strength finders have confirmed it}
i feel every spectrum of emotion
my own emotions and the emotions of those around me
a lot of times when ups and downs occur close together
i have a hard time keeping up with what i'm actually feeling
so i become numb
unable explain to anyone what is actually going on inside
and i have to spend days
{sometimes weeks}
sifting through each emotion with the lord
and currently that's where i'm at
im sifting
if you're a feeler too
{which i'm sure some of you are}
then i'm sure you have an idea of what i'm talking about

i won't go into detail about each of the things that
i'm processing through
because one-i'm still processing
and two-because you probably don't really want to hear it all anyway
but what i can say is that in all these ups and downs
God is at work
He is shifting things
He is changing things
in my life
and in the lives of others
He is beginning stories, continuing stories, and sadly, He is finishing stories
and He deserves praise and glory in it all

so today i am thankful 
 that hope is found in Christ
that Christ conquered death
the privilege to staff the 2013 santa monica summer project 

for the life and legacy of a sweet girl named janee
 {a student from our summer project}
who lived her life so very well
who radiated Christ's joy and love
who had the most beautiful smile
it was an accident that took her from us
 but i am so thankful that she is now at home in the arms of her savior
that God is using janee's life and death to change lives for the course of eternity
for the reminder that life is precious
that people should not be taken for granted
because in the blink of an eye
without notice or question
 they can be taken away
and for the reminder that God is sovereign
that He is good in all things
today i am also thankful for new life
for the opportunity to spend an afternoon celebrating the arrival of my nephew
for all the family and friends that came out for his shower on sunday

for getting to be an auntie
newborn snuggles
newborn noises
newborn hand holding
{ugh i love it all}

watching my niece grow up and be a big sister
the desire to one day be a mother
{yikes scary}
getting to be creative
baking molasses cookies
my brother begging me to bake more molasses cookies
watching parks and rec with my brother
spending time with these ladies

all the things i'm continuing to learn at my new job
morning conversations with god during my two hour commute to work
{thanks traffic}
the people i get to work with
pizza and wine
watching once upon a time
getting ministry updates in the mail from friends who are serving the Lord all over the world
my running shoes
puns, i absolutely love puns, like a lot
for the month of october and all that it did and didn't bring
learning to be persistent in prayer
for being a feeler
that no matter where i am, where i'm going, or what i'm doing
God is with me always
for incredibly sweet friends
like this girl...

and this one too...

the family that i get to be a part of
my parents
my brother
my sister's
lastly i am thankful 
that this world isn't my home
that as a daughter of the king my citizenship is in heaven
that this world with all it's pain and suffering is only temporary
that there is a God who is awaiting His children's arrival home
in a place more glorious than we can fathom
where joy and love are unending

so tell me,
what are YOU thankful for today?...

for those who want to hear a little more of janee's story
and the impact she has left
you can check out this recent video  from a chico news station
please pray for her family and friends
 the chico community
for chico cru
and for the driver of the car who was also a part of the accident
pray for peace and restoration
pray that in all of this God would be glorified