Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday: let the pun begin!

Happy Thankful Thursday!

i'm going to get straight to the point.
i love puns
like a lot

they're probably one of my favorite things
and they make me so incredibly happy
they bring me so much joy
whether they're spur of the moment or carefully thought out
i just love them

puns all day
erry day

i have to believe that God has an amazing sense of humor
after all we are created in His image
we reflect His characteristics
and humor is definitely a characteristic that people have
so it must come from Him
{i can only imagine how punderful His jokes would be}

so today i am thankful for humor
for joy
for laughing
for goofiness
for puns

and just for you
here are some puns that i myself have enjoyed
and they are most certainly pun in a million
now let the pun being!...






what are the things you thankful for
 that make you laugh
 that bring you joy? 

1 comment:

aaronkretzmann said...

I'm also a fan of puns. I used to not like them, but then I realized it's because I wasn't fast enough to think of them ahah. Southern California brings me joy though! I am excited to go and visit soon :)