Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: A Florists Perspective

I love Valentine's Day. Not only is it a very sweet day, but I'm lucky because I'm the one behind the scenes. I get to hear all the stories behind the flowers being ordered and arranged for people. I get to be creative and make things pretty for people to enjoy from their loved one. I love it! I'm a romantic, what can I say. 

It was such a great day. The shop was bustling (with men of course) and we were selling flowers and making arrangements as fast as we could. It was just plain exciting. I have to say that the most adorable award goes to the guy who came in the shop looking for something for his grandmother. Yeah he, I mean it, it was adorable.

We have been preparing for this day for a while now. Over the weekend we had spent Saturday and Sunday working and making all the orders that were to be delivered and picked up. It was fun, but unfortunately I was very sick so that was a bummer. But there is just something about working with flowers that makes everything better, I find it to be pretty therapeutic.

February 12th & 13th...
So many roses. 

February 14th...
Look who made an appearance :)

2 dozen red roses, featuring my favorite- the 'Black Magic' rose
I'm typically not a huge rose fan, but this 'Black Magic' is beautiful...
and my bosses remembered how much I liked it :) 

I had a blast making this one.
Complete with a succulent, ranunculus, lavender,
 stock, lambs ear, dusty miller and wax flower.

Some of the girl's arrangements out on display.

A couple more pre made arrangements.
The shop.

After a very successful and long day on campus I headed home. But my day wasn't quite over yet, it was about to get even better. I got to spend the rest of my evening with some of my girlfriends who had me over for an extremely delicious dinner. I was so blessed by them. And what would a girls night be without watching an episode of the Bachelor?! Yeah, it was a great night. Great friends, great food and great entertainment.

I could feel the love.

The Spread.

Jodi and Jen

My roommate from the dorms, Sarah.

Susannah and Jodi (also roommates from the dorms).

 I hope your Valentine's Day was a wonderful one. And remember you can still tell people you love them every day, not just February 14th!

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