Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Home

If you recall a few weeks back I got to take home a lovely fern with me from my professors nursery. 
My little Deer Fern- Blechnum spicant.

I have been tending to him diligently, but have been unable to find him a permanent home. He has just been sitting in the "backyard" for the past couple weeks. But, the weather conditions here in SLO have been less than ideal for this poor little guy. With freezing cold temperatures, he has been spending a lot of time indoors. 

The other day I was browsing the home decor department in T.J.Maxx and came across an apothecary jar that I just had to have. For 7 bucks, who could pass that up?! It was the only one there so I quickly snatched it up, no questions asked. 
A fabulous find.

On the drive home I realized I wasn't quiet sure what I would use it for. As I walked in the door, I was greeted by my little fern friend. Then it hit me. BINGO, it's time for another terrarium! 

It worked out perfectly. I already had all the materials I needed and I even got to try out my new gardening gloves (that I love by the way)! It took me hardly any time at all. It now has a home on the bookshelf in our hallway!

We will have to see how this little guy holds up. For now, he and I are enjoying his new home!

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Jane Gordon said...

Love it Rae. You found it (gave it) the perfect home! :o) You have found a great hobby.