Friday, July 1, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

For starters...

1. My roommates from this past year.
Rach, Aubs, Bre and Steph.

2. A good cup of coffee.

3. Sweetarts, my all time favorite candy.

4. Lavender.

5. Jane Austen.

6. Maidenhair ferns.

7. My frog green sweater from Old Navy...I wear it all the time.

8. The place where most of these pictures came from....Pinterest....check it out!

9. Boba... seriously love this stuff.

10. Mammoth Lakes, CA, my favorite place.


BreLynne said...

im pretty much obsessed with your blog....and it was cool being in it today ;)

Jane Gordon said...

I love Rock Creek, your frog-green sweater, ferns....and YOU!