Tuesday, June 14, 2011

College Confessions

Things are definitely about to get real here.

Confession #1:
I didn't ever want to go to Cal Poly. 
I had my heart set on UC Davis, but I didn't get in.
 But somehow I managed an acceptance to Cal Poly? 
 I was heartbroken and quite angry I had to move to San Luis...just ask my parents they were the one's dealing with my attitude issues.

Confession #2:
I went to college fully expecting to receive my "Mrs. Degree".
Alright ladies, I know most of you were thinking the same thing...
I was going to find a wonderful, Godly man and get married when I graduated. 
After all that's how it happened for my parents and one of my sister's right?
Cal Poly had a 4 to 1 guy/girl ratio when I entered, you would think the odds were in my favor... 
After a pretty cruel heartbreak my second year, I slowly started to realize this may not happen the way I planned it to.

Confession #3:
I thought college would be a piece of cake.
Ha-this one makes me laugh.

Confession #4:
I assumed I would graduate in four years.
Don't ever assume anything.

Confession #5:
Five years ago when I started college, I was a stubborn, grumpy and extremely immature 18 year old 
who had her own plan of how the next few years would go.

Confession #6:
I had no idea my little world would be rocked to the core. 
I had no idea that God was going to take my plans and make them completely obsolete.

It is obvious that nothing about my college experience was part of my "plan".
The first word that comes to mind when I think of my time in college is 
A word that wasn't in my vocabulary 5 years ago.

The Lord used my time at Cal Poly to show me that His plan is so much greater than mine. He showed me that on my own, I am NOTHING without Him. Cal Poly was a rough place for me and I never felt that I truly belonged there, even after 5 long years. But, I can look back on it all and see God's faithfulness shine through it all.

Cal Poly is where..
 Most importantly, I found my true identity in Christ.
I met amazing sister's in Christ who have encouraged me every step of the way.
I formed beautiful relationships with classmates, coworkers and roommates.
 I found that even with learning disabilities, you can still graduate college...booyeah!
 I learned to push myself harder.
 I learned to handle criticism and then do something about it (this one took a little while).
I discovered that grades, though important, are not the most important thing in life...at all.
And on that note, going to office hours will get you the better grade (in most cases).
I learned how to stick up for myself and how to fight for things I believe in.
I realized no matter how desperate you are in a situation, God will ALWAYS pull you through.
I learned to truly appreciate and respect my parents, my biggest advocates in life!
I realized how much of a nerd I really am and how much I LOVE plants.

There is a reason why I didn't end up at Davis. 
There is a reason why I didn't find "Mr. Right".
There is a reason why college was extremely difficult.
There is a reason why it took me five years to complete my degree.
In fact, there are probably multiple reasons why each of these happened!

My biggest fans--Dad & Mom.

But, all I know is that I'm thankful my plan didn't happen.
Because God's is so much better than mine!


BreLynne said...

I'm so sad to not be living with you anymore but SSSOOOO excited to see where God takes you in the future! Love this post and miss u!

Jarah said...

Oh, i love this. i can identify with so many of the things you talked about... God is so merciful to not give us everything we think we want!

Sarah Grimesey, "Grim" said...

Dear Rachel, I love you. This post reinforces this fact.