Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm a Garden Moocher

I don't have a garden of my own (serious bummer).  
One day I will, I'm crossing my fingers.
So until I do I'm just going to be a garden moocher, gardening in other peoples gardens.
 If you ever need anything done, you know who to ask!

This past weekend I got to do some gardening in my Great Aunt's backyard.

She needed some work done and I was more than glad to whip out my gardening gloves and "dig in"!
My Aunt could not understand why I liked getting my hands dirty.
I can still hear her saying in her adorable southern, Alabama accent,
 "Oh my, I can't believe you".
"I like doing like being in the dirt".
Ha, little does she know I love doing dishes too, but that's another story.

While working in her backyard I dug up some soil and did some cultivating.

Planted some pretty (thorny) rose bushes as well as some African Daisies.

I also transplanted, diagnosed, fertilized, and watered.
It was the perfect day to spend out in the garden.
Those few hours went by too fast.

My great aunt Betsy.

All finished.

I can't help but day dream about what my garden will be like.
I really do hope that my dream comes true one day...or at least something close to it.


Jane Gordon said...

Just reading the MOOCH made me think of Grand Dad. For some reason, he would call us Minnie the Mooch when we would, well...Mooch! Just thought you should know!

Sarah Grimesey, "Grim" said...

Is that a UVA shirt I see? EEK! That makes me happy! Can't wait to send you a Bulgaria shirt...if they even make those...