Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Build Your Own Terranium, Wait I Mean Terrarium

Rewind to a few weeks ago.
I got the most adorable birthday gift from my roommate Stephanie.
A Build Your Own "Terranium" Kit.

Clearly she knows me well.
My adorable roommates were all introduced to terrariums when I moved in.
Stephanie can never remember what they are called and refers to them as "terraniums", ha I love it!

Check out how adorable this kit is!

She picked out rocks from a beach town 30 miles north of here.... 

Heart shaped rocks.

These past few weeks have been crazy with traveling, midterms, finals, moving out, etc.
and I've been having a hard time finding the right time to put my terrarium together.
But, today was the perfect day!

My adorable succulents, picked out by Stephanie and Bre.

Adding the pebbles and activated charcoal.

Layering on the soil and prepping to place the plants.

And walaa, my bubble bowl terranium, excuse me, I mean terrarium :)

 I even had a little extra material to 
make a miniature mason jar terrarium!

Thank you for the sweetest and most thoughtful gift ever Steph, 
you are so wonderful!

Now its time to get back to cleaning, packing
 and maybe studying for my last final....

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