Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday to you.

My mind is a bit fuzzy this morning.
  I'm slowly recovering from one of the worst migraines 
I've ever had and some serious jet lag that seems to be getting the best of me.
But I'm determined to get through this post.

This morning as I sip my coffee,
I am thankful.
Thankful for so much.

Today I am thankful for...
trips around the world
taking in sites and smells I've never experienced
learning and experiencing new cultures

meeting people and learning their stories
listening to other languages being spoken around me
being reunited with great people
eating delicious foods
conquering fears
seeing plants I've only read about
beautiful african countryside
seeing wild zebras
laughing until my stomach hurts
every one of these phenomenal people

my home
my bed
sleeping horizontally
having a bathroom and shower
a mom and dad who still continue to provide for me
coming home to my roommates and the comfort they bring me
hearing my roommate Erin shout at her laptop as she watches 'How I Met Your Mother'
listening to the Spanish flowing freely and beautifully as my roommate Arggi talks on the phone
knocks on my bedroom door as my roommate Margo peeks her head in to just say hi
being held by people I love
roommates who take care of me when I'm sick
once again medicine
being awake well before the sun

 for great friends who have changed my life
that 8 years ago I met a dear friend in AP US history 
and that we've been friends ever since
for the inspirations she is
for the adventures we've had
and that today we get to celebrate her 25th birthday
{Happy Birthday Lianne Marie}

most of all today I am thankful for the opportunity 
to celebrate the death and resurrection of my savior.
 I am thankful that there is a God who deeply and unconditionally loves me
a God who loves each person He has created more than I can fathom
and for a God who pursues us, touches us and changes lives
who has {and continues to} change my life.
I am thankful for the tangible reminder of 
His love, wonder
and promises that come straight from His Word.

What are you thankful for today?...

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Rachel! this is sooo cute