Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Extremely Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

I am extremely thankful.
I am overwhelmed by the graciousness of my Heavenly Father.
He has poured out blessing after blessing,
none of which I have deserved.

The past couple weeks have been a struggle.
I have been battling feelings of inadequacy, failure and disappointment.
I've been left pretty battered and bruised.

But, God and all of His faithfulness
are beginning to restore and rearrange the pieces of my life
that have felt so scattered and messy.
He is growing me.
And boy does it hurt.
The good kind of hurt though.
The kind of hurt you feel after you have a great work out
and your muscles are sore and your body aches.
You can't help but enjoy it because you know it's good.
God is good.
And among the messiness of life,
His blessings are magnified.

Today I am beyond thankful for
a God who knows exactly what I need
{because I never do}
how God answers prayer
that He is a God who desires to hear our prayers
every relationship I have
{and every relationship yet to come}
long car rides with my roommate Margo
trips to SLO

walking through the greenhouses where I spent most of my time in college
being done with school
visiting my best friend
being able to see God's purpose in my past
my time spent at Cal Poly
{I honestly never thought I'd say that}
tri tip sandwiches from Firestone Grill
morning coffee at Sally Loos with sweet friends

watching pitch perfect
pulling over to take pictures on the side of the road
laughing until I can't breathe
spending an afternoon wine tasting
roaming around Cal Poly for hours and being extremely senitmental
visiting the spot on campus where my dad gave his life to Christ
and later proposed to my mom...

{and it absolutely melts my heart}
parents that love me and support me
going on dinner dates with my brother
{yes he paid}
getting my brother to watch pitch perfect
snuggling with our family pup
being an aunt to the most precious 2 year old
that come October I'll be an aunt to yet another precious babe
{baby brady is due October 22nd}

learning about unconditional love from my niece
teaching and watching my niece as she made her first floral arrangement
{proud auntie right here}
time spent with my sister's and brother in law's
home cooked meals
planning summer adventures to Utah and Idaho
celebrating this wonderful woman's 25th birthday

picking wildflowers
the smell of fresh rain through my open bedroom window
the sound of wind moving through pine trees
my tiny garden
each and every sweet woman that I get to disciple
my freshman bible studies
my staff team
riding my bike to and from work
picking out flowers and making bouquets for my friends proposal

sweet friends getting engaged
booking weddings
daydreaming about the future
dreaming big
skyping with far away friends
being surprised with beautiful flowers
a God who has big and great plans for our lives

What are you thankful for today?...

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