Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY Flowers; Use Your Resources

Some people daydream about laying on secluded beaches
with waves of crystal clear water 
flowing ever so softly onto white sands
all while sipping on a pina colada.

{don't get me wrong, I would venture to this place in a heartbeat}

But I,
I spend my days daydreaming about getting lost in 
lush, moss covered, fern filled forests,
groves of aspen and pine trees
and of course running care free through meadows of wildflowers
{picking only the perfect ones to make a bouquet of course}

I'm a sucker for wildflowers.
I melt at the sight of them
and I swoon at the thought of them.
So any opportunity I get to snag some
you bet I will.

I was biking home from work the other day and couldn't help but notice
 large patches of queen anne's lace as I was trucking along.
I didn't have any pruning sheers with me.
Yeah, that didn't stop me.
I picked me some wildflowers,
put them in my backpack and biked a couple more miles home.

As I pulled up to my apartment I couldn't help but notice the 
ballerina indian hawthorne outside our complex,
{in full bloom}
 and of course I snagged myself some.

A few minutes later
and we had wildflower bouquets in the apartment
My heart and soul were oh so happy.

For anyone who is into DIY flowers 
I suggest picking your own.
Don't pay for them.
Use your resources.
They really are everywhere!

Queen Anne's Lace is a great example.
This is big in the wedding circuit right now.
People pay actual money for this stuff
when it's a weed that grows wild on the side of the road.
So grab your garden sheers,
hop out of your car
and grab some wildflowers for yourself.

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