Thursday, October 9, 2014

thankful thursday//seasons are a changin

happy thankful thursday friends
oh and happy fall
and happy october
and happy almost 1 year birthday to my baby nephew
where on earth is time going?...

it's hard to believe that it's fall again
{especially when its a billion degrees outside}
i really do love the changing of seasons though
it always brings hope and excitement for things to come

and there's most certainly been a lot of change
 in the past couple weeks
most notably
my brother moving out
thats right
now its officially just me and the rents
and it's a hard adjustment
i really miss him
 i miss the messages he would leave for me to find on my chalkboard
{don't be fooled it wasn't as sweet as it sounds...}
i miss our dinner dates
i miss hearing his heavy feet in the mornings
since my room is directly below his
i miss him barging into my room without knocking
just so he could sit and talk with me
i dont however miss sharing a bathroom with a boy
{we both have different interpretations of the word clean}
needless to say
i miss the guy
and all his shenanigans
 i am a proud big sister
and i can't wait to see all that god has in store for this guy 
down at UCSD

even with loads of change
there is truly so much to be thankful for
and i really believe that it's in these seasons of transition
we can see gods little touches of faithfulness and mercy the most
we see just how much we have to be thankful for

so today i am thankful 
for the changing of seasons
good health
having health insurance
the relationships i have with my siblings
the year i had at home with my brother
that my parents haven't kicked me out of the house yet
that tomorrow i get to see my niece and nephew
{there will be large quantities of snuggling}
that a year ago this month we welcomed davin into our family

visits from my sweet friend margo
thai food
text messages that couldn't have come at a more perfect time
learning about finances
having siblings who are financial advisors
making big girl decisions
dinner dates in the park
midnight flower arranging 
fresh cut flowers in my room

tri tip sandwiches from slo
wearing flowers in my hair
answered prayers
that i can have coffee every morning
that in a week i will be flying to salt lake city
the ability to run
sunset hikes to sandstone peak
with blue moons, apples and beef jerky at the top

friends getting married
friends who love me
ice cold chocolate milk after a long run
joy rides
words of truth
and i am oh so thankful for god's provisions...
...for my new {to me} car
that i got at the perfect time
in the perfect place
for the perfect price
gods hands were all over this one
and i'm so thankful for my brother in law tim
who took a long lunch to come look at the car with me
then left work early for me to take the car to a mechanic that same day
i am certainly blessed with a wonderful big brother

honestly at this point my list could go on and on
so now it's your turn
what are you thankful for today?...

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