Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Chaotic State of Mind

The last two weeks of school were filled with, what seemed like endless projects, presentations, papers, and exams. Honestly, I didn't have time to do anything; eat, shower, I barely had time to breath. Ok, I ate and I showered and obviously was breathing, but for some reason the end of this quarter felt like it was the end of the world.  

I decided to try something different this quarter...NO cleaning during finals. Typically I find every excuse to clean when finals week arrives, but this time around I was determined to change my ways. Academically, I was doing well and there was no reason why I shouldn't finish strong.  Let me tell you it was NOT easy for me. All I could think about when I was studying was the crap that was piling up in my room. The chaos of my life was displayed for all to see. Just by looking into my bedroom you can tell what state of mind I am in. Here is a glimpse of what my life looked like....

My room is tiny and I couldn't actually get a picture of the whole thing, so these photos hardly do it justice. It was out of control! For someone who is slightly OCD (ok fine a little more than slightly) it was complete and utter torture to not do anything about my room disappearing under piles of who knows what. 

 I attacked my room with full force only seconds after submitting my final research paper online and it was oh so gratifying.  

It was a glorious night, it has never felt so good to clean anything. And just like that, my state of mind had changed. I went to bed a happy camper. Not happy that finals were done, but happy that my little life was clean and in order. 

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