Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meandering Around Mammoth

October is almost over.
Summer feels like ages ago,  where on earth does time go?!

My summer was challenging (to say the least).
There was not much I enjoyed about it.

Amidst the stress and pain (physical, mental, spiritual) of support raising,
the Lord provided me with the perfect little pick me up.

He knows me so well,
He knows exactly what restores my weak and achy soul.

This summer I was able to spend two weeks up in the Eastern Sierra's with my family.
It's a summer trip I've taken every year since I was born.

So many memories up there.
The sights, the smells, the secret places, the hikes, the plants, I love it all.
God's personal touches are everywhere.

A gentle reminder of the majesty of our creator.

Give me a pair of hiking boots and I could run around the mountains for hours, days, weeks...
It's up in the Sierra's, where I come alive!

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