Monday, October 10, 2011

Turning Our Apartment Into a Home

I have wonderful roommates.
Not only are they beautiful, sweet and so fun to live with...
But they completely accept me for who I am.
A plant lover.
And they not only accept me and my love affair with plants,
but they encourage it!

I was excited to find out that one of my rooms also thinks terrariums are cool!
(I mean, obviously they are).
She bought some really neat glass jars last week
and asked me if I would put some plants in them.
This is an opportunity I would never pass up people.
Let's be real here.

We have a very naked and open corner sitting behind our sink.
Our thought....
To fill it with some cute terrariums.

We are still trying to make our apartment into a home.
Little by little, we are making progress.
Here is our kitchen corner makeover!

Glass Jars-Home Goods
Soil/Rocks-Home Depot
Activated Charcoal-Petsmart
Maiden hair fern and succulents (Echiveria & Sedum)-Home Depot
Twigs-outside our apartment complex.

Candle Holder.
Succulent terrarium.
Fern terrarium.

I had so much fun making these.
And I loved having my rooms around me ooohhing and ahhhhing 
and getting excited as I sat on our porch putting them together.

Here is our cute little kitchen corner...
Washing dishes just got that much better!

 What shall we make over next?!

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