Thursday, September 29, 2011

UCI--The Beginning

I've been scatter brained, overwhelmed, up, down...
So many different emotions all rolled into one.
I have been exhausted and running on pure adrenaline for the past week.

I'm not completely settled into my new home yet.
Moving has been quite the experience.
Everything happened so insanely fast,
I didn't have time to actually pack.
I threw my belongings into trash bags and tossed them into my tiny car.
(Something I learned from my best friend Jodi).
I left my bedroom and bathroom at home in complete and utter chaos.
(Sorry mom).
And I'm still waiting for my bed to make its way down here.
I've been sleeping on the floor that past week and a half.

I have to admit,
I'm completely out of sorts.
I have moved away from everything that I know and the people I cherish.
All to start a new job I don't quite know how to do (yet) in a totally new place, 
with people I do not know and who don't know me.
I honestly feel like a freshman in college all over again.
Timid, quite, scared, unsure, and getting lost A-L-L the time.
I am quite the newbie.

I completely forgot to pick up my camera most of last week.
But, I did get a few pictures from my very first week on campus!

The Rooms.
Jill, Erin & Margo.
Cru Involvement Fair Booth.
My old roommate from SLO was on campus too, working with Epic.

Ashleigh and I with Peter the Anteater.
Our first Cru weekly meeting of the year!
I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks.
-Getting better acquainted with the campus.
-Getting to know each of my teammates. 
-Getting to know the students.
-Spending more time with my roommates.
-Finding a church and getting involved with a small group.
-My freshman girls study--that I already love.
-Beginning discipleship with 6 very wonderful women.
-Fall retreat preparations.
-And hopefully, feeling more comfortable and settled.

God is already doing amazing things here at UCI.
I can't wait to see what else He has in store.

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Joanna said...

Enjoy getting to know Middle Earth and Mesa Court!