Saturday, September 3, 2011

Support--Where I am At

My oh my, where to begin.
The past week has been and absolute roller coaster.
I feel that I have never had to trust the Lord more than right now.

It is now September and my original deadline for support has come and gone.
I just received a week extension to try and get the rest of my support in.
The Lord has brought me so far, but there is still a ways to go.

I hate using this word,
It has such negative connotations.
But who cares, I'm whipping this bad boy out.
I am desperate for the Lord,
relying on him to provide what I need.
He always has and He always will.
Something that I have seen and firmly believe in.

There has been a lot of time during this summer
when things have been at a stand still.
Times when I literally have no idea what to do.
I will see a chunk of support come in, but a week will go by
and then there will be nothing.
It is a constant battle in my mind remembering that this is all in God's timing.

Last week, I was having a very rough day.
I was so overwhlemed.
While my mom was out of town, she sent me a text message to see how things were going.
I told her I was on the verge of a breakdown.
Her response is one that spoke so much truth....

"Rachel, this is just one of those times where you just gut it out and follow the plan.
Thank God for the ups and downs.
He is not stagnant even when circumstances appear to be!"

Preach it mamma!
Needless to say, I have kept her message.
I look back at it every day...multiple times a day.

So here is exactly where I am at:

I'm 60% supported.
In the past couple days I have seen 6 more monthly supporter's join my team!
I have 40% left to go.
I am still in need of $1400 monthly.
All I need is 14 people to commit to give $100 a month and I'm good to go!
I now officially have a place to live in Irvine.
I signed my lease and borrowed all the money to cover my first months needs. 
I have no way to pay for anything beyond that.
And I will not receive a paycheck until I've reached 100% of my support goal.
 I have a place to live, but no way to pay for it.
Definitely an ideal situation.
But at least I have great roommates, right?
My official start date is next Tuesday, September 6th.
Once again, I can't be a part of anything until I've reached 100%.
My heart aches at the thought of missing our staff meetings next week 
and our student leadership retreat the week after, but God has a plan.

I long so badly to have support raising behind me (I'm not a huge fan).
To finally move into my apartment, get settled in and spend time getting to know my roommates better.
To be a part of the awesome staff team at UCI and be at our staff planning meetings.
To be with the students, the one's I have met and the one's I will be meeting.
To begin this adventure and see what in the world God has in store.  

The Lord has blessed me with with an awesome team of supporters so far!
I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.
If you have ANY interest in this ministry,
I would love for you to join this team!
Like I said, I only need 14 people to give $100 a month,
 then I can begin working.
Sure, to our human minds that can seem like a lot.
But just remember that we have a God who sent His only son to die for us
on a cross and then rose Him from the dead.
Yeah, this is pretty much no big deal for Him.

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