Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I never thought I would say this.
Literally never.
But...I miss my life in San Luis.
I don't miss school and I don't miss living there.
 I miss the relationships and the community I had.

Especially this group of young women...
Thursday nights were the best nights of the week by far.
Coming together to be in the Word and build one another up.
This bible study got me through a very hard year.

Love this study!
I was in such a rush to get out of SLO,
 to move on with my life
and to leave behind the 5 years of grueling obstacles
 that were attached to my academic career...
that I didn't stop to think about what life
was going to be like without community,
without those amazing relationships.

Like the relationships with these wonderful women.
Who each played a huge and very specific role in my life and growth this past year.

Oh and then there are my Horticultural gals.
I could be nerdy with them all day and all night long.
In fact, I was.
We were busy doing nerdy plant things by day,
and trying to finish our senior project by night (all night).
I was with them all day every day.
I really miss them.

Dani, Beth, & Carrie.
5 years together.
I'm going to be honest.
Transitioning has been really hard on me.
A lot harder than I was expecting.

I have been emotionally, physically and spiritually drained for weeks.
Trying to figure out this new life of mine.
A new life where I am working a full time job in ministry.
Where I am no longer a student.
Where I am constantly surrounded by people who do not know me.
Where I know no one.
It is crazy that I can be surrounded by people all day long,
but feel completely lost and lonely.

I have to laugh.
God faithfully raised all the support I needed.
Then instantly I am back to trying to rely on myself.
And I am once again brought back to my knees,
having to fully rely and trust God.
A place I should always be.
But seem to always fall so short.

Despite the difficult transition, I want to say that I do love it here!
I love my roommates.
I am loving my new church.
I absolutely love my job.
I love that I get to openly pray and spend time with God at work.
I love that I get to share Christ with students.
I love the women I get the honor of discipling.
I love my freshman bible study.
I love my staff team.
I truly admire my discipler and I love that she pushes me and challenges me.
And I love that I'm learning new things about my Savior daily.
Just to name a few things.

Knowing full well how faithful our God truly is,
I know that in time He will provide me with the community I need.

I'm honestly so excited to see what He has in store.
I'm excited to see how He will build, grow, and cultivate relationships.
I know building relationships and community does take time,
but I know that they will be worth waiting for.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven"

-Ecclesiastes 3:1

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Bre Lynne said...

Super encouraging lady! Thnx for sharing, and I truly believe God will provide an amazing community for you there. :)