Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

I'm sorry but today
I can't think of just one thing I am thankful for.
Sounds totally cliche,
 but God's blessings have been abundant.

Last week I got to be a part of something very special.
My friend Christina who I met 4 years ago on a summer missions trip,
married a great man.
And I got to stand up right beside her as it happend.

Their wedding was wonderful,
{despite Christina being sick}
she was absolutely stunning and radiant.
She literally took my breath away....
every single time I looked at her.

It is so clear the Lord was AND is at work
 in Christina and Bryant's
 {the new hus}

When I arrived in Utah,
 it was the first time I've seen Christina in 3 years.
 I've never had the opportunity to get to know Bryant.
But throughout the week,
I learned the bits an pieces of how the Lord brought them together.
And through that,
 all the ways the Lord used both of them together and separately
to impact the people around them
{including myself}.

It was a great reminder of the Lord's faithfulness,
His power,
His perfect timing,
His great plans, 
and His desire to know, love and
  be in relationship with His most precious creation.

Now, I've been in my fair share of weddings
{well on my way to 27 dresses}
so I went into this past week thinking
I was heading off on a little vacation,
to hang out with a good friend,
to be in another wedding.

Little did I know God had other plans.
{as He usually does}
Never was I expecting what He had in store...

I was challenged in my relationship with the Lord,
in stepping out in faith and letting the Lord lead.
I met really awesome people,
made great connections and have begun fun relationships.
Even my prayer life was rocked, a lot.
My life was impacted.
Things are still making their way out of it all,
and I've been back home since Monday.

Now that's a wedding folks!

Lord, Thank you 
for the ways in which You used this past week to work in my life.
Thank you for the testimony of Bryant and Christina's relationship.
Thank you that 4 years ago Stina and I met
and 4 years later we are still growing together 
with a relationship that is centered around You.

Top: London and Israel, summer 2008
Bottom: Utah, summer 2012

What are you thankful for today?....


Christina said...

Blessed to share the day with you! Praise the Lord for his work in your life! He is so good and faithful!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing that! Very touching! I am still re-living all the special memories of the wedding, and everything that went with it. The fragrance of Christ was SWEET!