Monday, July 2, 2012

The One Where I Admit I'm a Coffee Addict

You know you have a problem when
you miss your mornin cup o' joe
and you're completely out of commission for the day.

When your head pounds relentlessly, 
your brain is fuzzy,
you can't funtion
and when you're just a plain grumpy pants.

You know you have a problem when
you get home from being gone all day
and the first thing you do is run to the kitchen to make coffee.

You know you have a problem when
it's 6pm and you have to run across the street to the super market 
to buy this...

because after ravaging through your cupboards
 you can't find coffee anywhere in the apartment.

You know you have a problem when it's 6:30 pm
and you brew yourself a full pot of coffee.
Enough for a cup now...
and a cup for later.

You know you have a problem when you start sipping on a cup of coffee
and suddenly your raging headache begins to disappear,
you're no longer a grumpy face
and you can finally start functioning like a normal human being.

Well shoot,
I have a serious problem.

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... said...

you mean the problem that you are just too freakin cute?