Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bring on the Blooms

Things are getting exciting 
round these parts folks.

Along with spending my summer in full time supporting raising mode
I've also acquired myself a little side job.
Well more of a "funtivity" than a job I would say.

I have recently found myself in charge of the flowers
for a wedding that is bound to be epic.
{no pressure or anything}

The bride and the groom were actually a groomsman and bridesmaid 
in the wedding I was also a bridesmaid in a couple weeks ago in Utah.
We actually met a few years back and
the story of how we've come to be friends is pretty cool.
I would definitely say it's a story of God's timing,
that I'm sure I'll be sharing soon.
{It's pretty neat}

Anyway they're pretty stinking awesome
and I'm so thrilled they're getting hitched!

This past afternoon I spent a little time
with the bride and her mom picking out the blooms for the big day
{that is quickly approaching}.

It was one big drool fest for me.
I was in heaven.

Gorgeous blooms everywhere I looked.
And the smell,
oh the smell of the flower mart.
A flood of memories came.
Of the years I spent working with flowers on a daily basis.
Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I'm guessing I will be a tad impatient the next couple weeks.
Waiting for the flowers to arrive,
waiting to finally put it all together
and of course waiting to watch another sweet friend walk down the aisle
and marry the man of her dreams.

Bring on the blooms!

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