Friday, October 11, 2013

A Ferny & Flowery Friday

ok, so what girl hasn't thought about her wedding day
at least a tiny bit?...

well, the ever so tiny thoughts i've had about my wedding
involve being outside somewhere
in creation
surrounded by all the people i love the most
there's no where else i could imagine that moment in my life taking place
somewhere in the mountains or the woods 
where there's not much need for decorating 
because trees, ferns, and moss are in abundance
and get the job done
{obviously i've hardly thought about this}

there's something about those mossy, earthy tones
that do something to my heart
that stir up some serious passion in my soul
that send inspiration
flying all over the place in my mind

this week all i wanted to do was be outside
maybe it was the rain
everything was so lush and fresh and inviting
{albeit i wasn't entirely used to the drop in temperature}
but it was inviting none the less
and as i admired all the green around me
 inspiration struck

i wanted to create something from those mossy tones i love so much
flowers fit for that wedding in the woods
i've thought about only a tiny bit

i chose two types of simple, white flowers
and a variety of greens 
including jasmine, juniper, citrus leaves, ferns
that were cut fresh from the yard
put em all together
and this is what came about...

bouquet wrapped in lace (bottom layer) and burlap (top layer)
pinned with pearl tear drop pins

boutonniere: sword & maidenhair fern, juniper, moss and twig.

i love being inspired
i guess it really doesn't take much for me though
typically i just have to walk outside

well, until the next inspiration hits
{which im guessing won't be too long from now}
have a happy weekend!

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