Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankfall Thursday

Happy Thankfall Thursday to you!

yesterday as i was walking my dog around the neighborhood
there was a very brisk breeze
leaves were falling off of trees
and crunching under my feet
there was the smell of fireplaces being used
bright blue skies and big puffy clouds
{as if it had just rained}
i closed my eyes and took a giant breath of the crisp air
there was no denying that fall has arrived

a week ago i wasn't ready to let go of summer
its my favorite season
 shorts. sandals. tank tops. ice cold sweet tea. late sunsets. lush green gardens
but yesterday as i took in the sights and smells of fall
i felt refreshed
and i began to gladly accept the change of season

i've just ended a season of life
a season that was extremely difficult at times
but one that i absolutely loved
graduating college
starting a full time job in ministry
building community from scratch
living with new roommates
god brought about so much change
he did things in me and around me i never thought possible
He brought people into my life i never dreamed i could love so deeply
god remained constant through that entire season

as i continued on my walk it hit me
just as i have let go of summer
its time to let go 
and gladly accept this next season of life

with a God who is constant 
i can't even begin to comprehend the things he will do in this new season
the life change 
the excitement of newness
the people i'll grow to love deeply
and of course looking back on the past season
being able to see all God did then to prepare me for where i am now

i'm ready to free"fall" into this new season

all this from going on a walk with the dog
go figure

so today
today i am thankful for 
changing seasons
crisp autumn afternoons
pumpkins on the front porch
pumpkin spice lattes

needing to curl up with a blanket while i sit here typing
phone calls from friends
babysitting two adorable kids
getting settled into my "new" home
snuggling and reading books with my almost 3 year old niece

buying adorable baby boy presents for my nephew
{who will arrive in a matter of weeks}
a brother in law who gives of his time to help me work on my resume
a sister who lets me come crash at her place
adding more weddings to my flower calendar
skyping with college friends

being able to run
trips to santa barbara
seeing people from summer project
friends who listen and speak truth into my life
 realizing the need for a heart change
late night trips to inn n out
getting to spend hours arranging tropical wedding flowers

as we enter into this new season of fall
what are you thankful for?...

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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HollyB said...

Dear Rae, You are precious and adorable!

I am thankful for the gift of life! I am thankful for the sunshine. I am thankful for warm clothes and blankets and a house to live in when it's cold outside. I am thankful for my five senses. I am thankful for the ability to walk and run bend and twist and stretch and think and speak and sing and hug. I am thankful that I will spend forever and ever and ever and ever with Jesus. The end. xoxoxo from HollyB