Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday: idaho aspen, snail mail and deep, deep love

Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

well it happened
i made the move
and it was as hard as i thought it would be

i'm currently sitting in the room i grew up in
{and let me tell you my taste has significantly changed since i was in high school}
my bags are on the floor still very much packed
and as much as i want my things to be put away
i'm not ready to fully give in
i honestly feel that any day now i'll just hop in my car 
and head back down south
that i'll walk up the stairs to my apartment
open the door and my roommates will be waiting for me in the living room
much like they often were
i miss that

ugh it hurts 
it really hurts
i don't want to sound like a drama queen
but my heart literally aches

but that folks is how i know that these past two years
were blessings from the Lord
{albeit extremely difficult and challenging}
but my God sustained me
he gave me everything i needed on a daily basis
my home and my roommates were a huge part of that 

for the first time moving 
i cried
tears of sadness for sure
but more so tears 
of thankfulness 
of joy
of deep, deep love

i have moved a lot
and all those other times
there weren't really tears or heartache
{there was definitely sadness}
but there was mostly excitement to move out and on
this time though
there was absolutely no desire to go

my home was actually home
and my roommates....
my roommates were more like my sisters
and i learned to truly, deeply love them 
like they were my own flesh and blood
we've been through the ringer together
through loss
 hard seasons with the Lord
breakups and dating let downs
through the ups and downs of working in full time ministry
working through conflict...
we deeply know each other
and because of that we deeply love each other

 they know me well
just ask them
every single little idiosyncrasy and habit
from my love of cleaning the kitchen
to my love for puns
to how and when my introvert comes out
they know it all
and they love me none the less
and i love them even more so because of that
and i love them because of who they are

it is by no mistake we lived together
what are the chances that 4 random women
{who didn't know each other before moving in}
would have the most phenomenal 2 years living together
definitely not chance
all God
he had has a mighty plan

so today i'm choosing to rejoice over these things
to be joyful and thankful
i will push aside my disappointments
the fact that i've already argued with my brother
been frustrated with my mom
and have been experiencing some pretty unfortunate mood swings

i may not want to be where i am now
and may be completely uncertain of my future
but i will praise god
because in every season
he is faithful and his provisions are unending

today I am thankful for 
my new roommates
their names being dad, mom and little brother
home cooked meals
{not made by me}
having access to a washer and dryer in the house
waking up to find our dog curled up next to my bed
spending sweet time with my beautiful, wonderful, encouraging cousin

that her and i are the same age 
that she can speak truth from experience into my life
malls and their air conditioning  
chik-fil-a sweet tea
having a fully stocked kitchen pantry with all my baking needs
that this morning i had 3 chocolate chip cookies for breakfast
{i think that was more of a confession....}
early mornings in coffee shops
driving with the windows down
that my tiny corolla somehow miraculously held all my stuff
my cars fully funtioning air conditioning
snail mail from sweet friends awaiting my arrival home

that i didn't need to rent storage space for all of my stuff
that i can store my things in my rents garage for free
my parents front porch
falling asleep to the sounds of a trickling fountain outside my window
my moleskine plant journal
{one of the sweetest gifts i've received}
containing pressed plants from my favorite places
{most recently idaho:
a place i'm dying to go back to}

the adventures i've had
the adventures to come
the fact that i can go anywhere
and do anything
for my past roommates
and how much they have impacted my life
 all the things they've taught me....
things like how to walk deeply with Jesus 
and how to truly love those around me
{two things i've been praying for and desiring to learn over the past 2 years}
i think not

thanks roomies,
for everything

i'll bet you know what question is coming

what are you thankful for today?....

lets hear it.

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