Friday, September 13, 2013

Flower Friday

Happy Friday!

so lets talk flowers shall we

i love them
i love everything about them
from their colors, fragrance, beauty
to their science, chemistry and genetic make up
{just a little nerdy i know}
how each one is unique and different
how they can brighten up a room
or a day
how they can add elements of personal touch to an event
reflect someones personality
make people smile
and bring joy

there's a flower for every occasion
but my absolute favorite occasion for flowers...
flowers for weddings are romantic

i love getting to create arrangements that are personal
that reflect the relationship between the bride and groom
and capture their personalities

my favorite part about doing weddings flowers
is watching the brides face as she sees her bouquet for the first time
pure joy

i love the way i feel when i get to create and play with flowers
and as i am currently building my portfolio
i get to play with them
a lot
this week inspiration hit
and i ran with it
i decided to play with some different textures
and colors
it was a blast
here's what i got my hands on

{white hydrangea}

{white and purple matsumoto aster}

orange spray roses
{i like that they have multiple flowers per stem}

{pink snapdragons}

{i threw in a couple sprigs of lavender leaves
to give a little bit of fragrance}

and here's what happened

a colorful brides bouquet 
wrapped and tied with sheer cream fabric

and a boutonniere for him
made with lavender sprigs
spray rose and aster
all tied and knotted in twine

stay tuned 
cause there are more flower friday's to come
next week i head to beautiful Huntington Beach
to do a fun tropical beach wedding
this flower girl's pretty excited

happy weekend!

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