Saturday, September 21, 2013

confessions, loves & dreams of a passionate plant lover

I have been learning recently
that you shouldn't be ashamed of the things you are passionate about
it doesn't matter what people think
passions are passions
we've all got em
and everyone has those little things that make their passions unique to them
things they do, things they love, things the dream about....

well here are mine
the confessions, loves, and dreams
of a passionate plant lover

1. i don't actually have a favorite flower
2. my least favorite flowers are carnations
3. my absolute favorite plants are ferns
4. and maidenhair's are my favorite ferns
5. i have a slight obsession with moss

6. when i'm stressed out i make terrariums
7. i sometimes daydream about adventuring through forests
8. i like the hunger games because katniss has a big book of plants
{obviously a plant lover}
 9. i dream about one day going to seattle, grabbing a cup of coffee and strolling through pikes place market looking at all the pretty flowers
{and of course taking some home with me}

10. i've kept and tended to a number of gardens, but i've never had a real one of my own
11. i kill plants too.
12. i failed my first plant class at cal poly. memorizing latin isn't really my thing.
13. i very strongly disliked studying horticulture in college

14. i realized i loved horticulture a year after i graduated
15. i may or may not have kept a bag of soil under my bed at one point. it's not as dirty as it sounds. you just never know when you'll need it.
16. yes, i have talked to plants before. 
17.  i own a plant journal.
18. i dream of doing wedding flowers for the rest of my life.
19. every time i walk past a flower shop i smile and want to hug someone
20. i love having fresh flowers next to my bed

21. i've taken cuttings of plants from hillsides, roadsides and on occasion a yard or two...
22. valentines day is my favorite floral holiday because of the people i meet and the stories of love i get to hear.
23.  i've actually never received flowers from a guy
maybe one day
{a girl can dream}
24. there's nothing i love more than watching someone receive flowers.
25. 2 years ago i never dreamed i would pursue a career in horticulture.

what are the things that you dream about and love?
what are the things that make your passions your passions?

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Hope said...

I LOVE the smell of fresh-cut grass and magnolia blossoms. And I dream of tilling the soil in a dusty 3rd world country one day. Also - my yard is by far the UGLIEST on the block ... even the rentals look nicer. LOL!