Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankful Thursday: same story, new chapter, one awesome Author

Happy Thankful Thursday!

naturally this week has flown by
{and i kind of didn't want it to}
this is the week that i have been dreading all summer
moving week
 and so this chapter of my life has come to an end

i'm at that part in the book when the chapter ends
you know that part where you're kind of left hanging?...
the part where the main character who's been in a coma
wakes up and doesn't remember anything or anyone...
or when they stumble across an abandoned cabin in the woods...
or they suddenly realize they're actually in love with that person 
you've been rooting for since the book began...

you're sitting on the edge of your seat and can't help but wonder
what's going to happen next?
what did the author come up with?
you just don't know
and you may not find out for a while
but in order to find out 
the page must turn and a new chapter has to begin

that's exactly where i am
this chapter of my life is over and i have to turn the page
 i have no clue what's ahead
your guess is as good as mine

but the cool thing is that i personally know the author of my story
better yet He knows me
after all He created me
{pretty awesome}
the author and perfecter of my faith
is the one who has written my story
every single chapter

so lately my inner monolouge sounds a little like this...
 take a deep breath rae
turn the page
see what happens
and have hope that the
God who is for us not against us is the one writing your story
and He is faithful.

so this saturday i turn the page
as i turn in my key, hug my roommates goodbye, leave orange county behind
and head back to my parents
a new chapter begins
i'm on the edge of my chair, biting my nails,
my heart is beating out of my chest
and i have absolutely no idea what's going to happen
and well that's how the story goes

so today i am thankful for...
this last chapter of life
the opprotunity to work in full time ministry
my home in irvine
the 5 wonderful roommates i've shared life with
building forts of epic proportion
{and spending our last nights as roommates together in it}

watching friends
late nights of laughing
a summer full of adventure
climbing mountain peaks

breath taking views
plants of the sierra nevada's
adventuring to my favorite lake
the smell of rain storms
the sound of breezes blowing through aspen
getting up before the sun to fish with my dad
hiking my favorite trail with my mom

trips to santa cruz
grandmas pancakes
homemade pizza
celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday
time spent with my 3 siblings

finally meeting my best friends boyfriend
dinner at firestone grill
visiting with my college roommates
new friendships made
mcdonald's iced coffee
bath time with my niece

{most importantly} my relationship with the lord
the fact that he loves me
 knows me
knows my deepest desires and longings
my worries and fears
and that he knows exactly what i need even before i need it
having no need to be anxious about what's ahead
 the chapter that is to come and 
that it has already been written
the new characters that will enter into the story
for the new places i'll go
the new things i'll do
the new job{s} i'll have
i'm thankful that it's time for me to turn the page and dive in to the next part of the story

let the adventures begin

whatever chapter you're in, what are you thankful for today?...

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Jane Gordon said...

Beautifully written and articulated. God has the plan in's good, it's complete, and it's the very best for YOU! I too, cannot wait to see where He leads you Rae. I.Love.You!