Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful Thursday: apple pie, stitches, home depot....

Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

it's hasn't been the most glamorous week of my life...
going to doctors appointments
getting sticthes taken out of my face...
{don't worry nothing serious}
 i have spent most of my time in cars
 driving back and forth from OC to LA 
moving all my stuff home
 sleeping on my floor because i no longer have a bed
beginning the long process of saying good bye to the life i've had in this place
and as I am still processing through my pride issues
there was blood, sweat and well the tears haven't completely hit yet, 
i'm pretty certain they are well on their way.

[i love that there is always a but}
God has shown up in some pretty sweet ways
and continues to pour out blessing after blessing
none of which i deserve in any way, shape or form

so today I am thankful for
snuggles with the family pup
family gatherings
delicious food, tasty wine and warm apple pie
watching my niece's face light up when i walk through the door
and hearing her shout my name in excitement
being able to celebrate my brothers 19th birthday

{19 years ago he almost lost his life to infant botulism,
and every year on his birthday we get to celebrate the miracle God did in his life}

the relationship i have with my baby brother
parents who let me borrow their car
and who let me store my belongings in their garage
a brother in law who left work early to help my move my bed
another brother in law who let me borrow his truck
roommates who jump right in to help me when i need it
sweet, encouraging text messages from
women i've had the privilege of discipling

 2 hour phone conversations with my best friend from college
phone conversations with my best friend from high school
phone conversations with my sweet friend in utah
facetiming with my summer project roommate
my plethera of long distance relationships
and the joy and life they give me
my freesia and wildflower seeds sprouting and growing

late night trips to mcdonalds
watching friends
good doctors
getting stitches out
{don't worry i left out those pictures}
 listening to music
{been listening to Lord Huron all week}

trips to home depot
{i'm always down for a home depot excursion}
wandering around the garden department
beautiful, evening runs through my neighborhood
reading this book

answered prayers
all the adventures god has waiting for me
the opportunity i have to start from scratch
that tomorrow i am off to go run a muck in the sierra nevada's

what are you thankful for today?...

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