Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thrusday; so stinking thankful

Happy Thankful Thursday friend!
and what a beautiful thursday it is
it's a whopping 76 degrees here in irvine 
{hard life i know}

thursday came at the perfect time this week
{yes, i know it comes at the same time every week}
but so much has happened recently and i've felt so caught up in life
i need time to sit and process through all of God's provisions
i keep this blog as a way to tangibly see the ways in which God moves
{and what fun it is to go back and revisit all of His work}
it is teaching me discipline; to rejoice and to give praise
even when life gets ugly

if you're like me in any way
and often need reminding of blessings in life
i highly recommending keeping a journal, a blog...
something where you can think through and recount all the things you are thankful for
from the day, the week, the month...
and watch how you begin to tangibly see God's hand in your life
it's radical

today I am thankful for...
unexpected financial provisions
parents who enjoy having me home
snuggling with the family pup
my moms cooking
the ability to run
running at twilight
living close enough to my niece to watch her grow up
spending an afternoon watching her in dance class

feeling my nephew kick and move around in my sisters belly
{october can't some soon enough}
being an aunt
hearing my niece say my name and telling me she loves me
visiting my grandmother in santa cruz

her homemade pizza
thrift store shopping
morning runs along westcliff drive
 spending mornings and afternoons in her beautiful garden

learning all about my grandfather 
who passed away right before i was born
{he was so handsome}
trying on my grandmother's dresses from the 40's and 50's
hearing stories about my father growing up
and of course seeing the pictures that go with them
{what a cutie}

roadtrips with my mom
sharing my hopes, dreams and fears with her
{precious time spent with her}
pit stops in SLO
firestone tri tip sandwiches

dreaming about the future
desiring to one day have a family
a mom who is willing to take me to the airport at 5am
salt lake city utah
boise & mccall idaho
crossing state lines
a cabin in the mountains
time spent with sweet friends
seeing new plants and totally geeking out 
rope swings
fern filled forests
hillsides overflowing with wildflowers

evening strolls
beers on the patio
playing settlers
bananagrams at the kitchen table
picking tons of wildflowers...and then picking more
time alone with the Lord
reading great books
being challenged to pray and pray some more
taking communion on a mountain top in idaho
the sound of wind blowing through aspen and pine trees
making new friends
catching up with old friends
laughing uncontrollably 
looking at how far the Lord has brought me in a year
dreaming about the next year
watching the Lord answer prayers in ways I wasn't expecting
that yesterday my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary
{how cool is that?!}

needless to say i have a gazillion and 1 reasons to be 
praising my savior today.
His blessings are overflowing.

what are you thankful for today?....

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