Friday, October 25, 2013

The One With a New Job & a New Man

Happy thankful thursday friday to you.

i tried so hard to get this post up yesterday
but didn't quite make it in time
i'm spent
life has been crazy
i've been sick
and feel like i'm never home long enough
to get anything done
{i'm certain you know exactly what i mean}

well it's friday
but we can definitely still be thankful

i'm excited to say that
a lot has changed since my last
a lot

has anyone ever told you that
"a lot can happen in a week, a month, a year?..."
well people have been telling me that for some time now
normally i would jump right on board with that
and get super excited thinking about all that god could do 
but since moving home all i seem to be capable of is
 halfheartedly agreeing with them
knowing full well that god is capable of doing anything and everything
but not believing that he could or would want to do big things in my life
because well, i moved back home and have nothing going for myself
{talk about a bad attitude 
and totally wrong view of god, sheesh}
whenever someone tells me a lot can happen
i just brush it off

well i'm here to tell you
they're right
and i'm so thankful i'm wrong
because a lot can happen
a lot can happen in just two days
god can completely change lives
and i'm so thankful for the way he has been working and changing the lives of those around me
and the ways he's been changing mine
and heaven knows i don't deserve any of it

day one...
by god's amazing grace
i got a job
working with flowers
{which i'll share a bit more about in an upcoming post}
i honestly don't know how it happened
but it did
it came out of nowhere
{or so i thought}
i'm really not qualified for it
but someone decided to take a giant chance on me
i'm learning tons and trying to soak up all i can
it can get a little frustrating and tiring as i'm learning and making mistakes
but the crazy thing is i'm having fun doing it
how is this possible???

day two, the next day...
there's now a new man in my life
exciting right?!
but no it's not what you think
this guy weighs only 6 lbs 11 oz
and is almost 1 week old
on october 18th my baby nephew made his grand entrance into the world

it was my first day on the job
and i got a text from my sister that she thinks she might be in labor
that if i was available i was needed to come down and help take care of my niece
it was a little less than an hour after receiving that text that i got another one
this one from my brother in law
"HE'S HERE!!!!"
so yes, she was in fact in labor and barely made it to the hospital
{both mom and baby were and are very happy and healthy}
praise god

 the second he was in my arms
i was done for
with that wrinkly old man forehead, tiny hands, newborn noises
 and those oh so adorable lips
 i was a goner
he's not even my kid
{though we do share some genes}
and the feelings of love and joy were so overwhelming
i thought my heart was going to explode
i can't even imagine what it will be like
if i ever have my own children
{i better just stick to nieces and nephews for now}

so there you have it
in two days
i interviewed for a job
got a job
started a job
and got a nephew
a lot in fact has happened
and my life is definitely changing
and i'm so very thankful

i think this goes without saying
but today i am thankful for
god's plan unraveling 
new jobs
 davin jeffery brady the new man in my life
 his safe delivery

watching my sister be a mom
watching my parents love on their grandchildren
getting to be an auntie
weekends spent with my family
dinners out
frozen yogurt
going on walks with my niece addie
 addie asking to pick flowers with me and teaching her how to arrange them

sweet cards in the mail
god's financial provisions
friends who pray for me
friends who i get to pray for
phone dates
early morning rays of sunshine on the 405
{ignore my nasty windshield}

baby shower planning
my maidenhair fern that i haven't killed yet
accidentally listening to christmas music
delicious home cooked meals
a good glass of wine
ice cream
visits with my sweet friend margo

google hangouts
brisk evening runs
being greeted at the front door by my dog 
babysitting for a sweet family
and getting to brush up on my spanish skills
{gracias dora}

continuing to get settled in 
parents who are still letting me live at home
living close to my sweet friends michelle and jake
learning new recipes
getting to do flowers for parties
learning new floral design techniques
and the people who are so willing to teach me
being surrounded by unbelievably beautiful flowers all day long

and im so thankful that there is a god who loves us so much 
that no matter how unpleasant we are
he is always at work in our lives
whether or not we see it or believe it
i honestly don't know what i'd do without him

as we enter into the weekend what are you thankful for?
what are those things that have happened in days, weeks, months, that have changed your life in some way?....


Kayla Ann said...

Rae, I love reading your blogs! this one hit home for me as God has seriously shown up in my life in HUGE ways in a very short period of time too. It's like he knew exactly what i needed before I did and gave it to me before i even thought to ask. Point being, its amazing to have things to be thankful for, the big and the small. Love you girl, still, after all this time! :)

Rae said...

Kayla, it is absolutely so fun to hear from you and how wonderful it is to hear that you see God at work in your life too. I just love that he knows exactly what we need, even before we do. Isn't it just so amazing?!