Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learning (and Enjoying) to be Crafty

I have to be honest, I didn't quiet inherit the extremely crafty/artsy genes that my mom has (she is beyond talented), one of my older sister's got them.  When it comes to being crafty I have a lot tons of ideas stuck in my head, but when it comes to executing them they never really come out the way I envision them to. I'm so lucky that I have people in my life who can assist me and help to make what I see in my head actually happen!

 I love the idea of handmade pennants, I think they are so fun and I have always wanted to make one. A little over a week ago I got to throw a baby shower for my niece (who will be here shortly). This was it, I had to make a pennant for Baby Brady. I wanted it to be nice. Something not just for party decoration, but something she can keep, maybe in the nursery? With the idea in my head, my beautiful roommate Stephanie helped me make it a reality. Stephanie is unbelievably talented, this girl can rock crafting! After a little excursion to Wal Mart for some fabric and supplies we were ready to get down and crafty!

Measuring and cutting the fabric into triangles

Cutting and stitching the felt letters

Just about finished...just need to sew the ribbon!
The Finished Product

Enjoy Baby Girl Brady!

And thank you so much Steph for being amazing!


Anonymous said...

Ps 127:3-5; So thankful you are "in my quiver". Love you more! Dad

Stephanie Johnson said...

Aww thanks for the shout out! You did such a great job and the idea was all yours =)

Hope said...

SO CUTE! I've never made a pendant steamer thing -- they intimidate me :) Great job!! BTW: I love your music ... I had it playing this morning just cause! :)

Beth said...

and guess where the pennant resides now???

On baby brady's nursery wall!! :o) It looks so great!

Jane Gordon said...

You rock Rae! Hugs and love you...Mommy

Rae said...

I can't wait to see it Beth, I'm so excited you guys can actually use it!