Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adventures With Ms. Green

This week was painful and emotionally draining, for reasons that I'm not actually allowed to speak of publicly. So, I think you get the idea that a lot happened.  And don't worry, I am in no way in any kind of trouble. Anyway, God showed me His undeniable faithfulness this week and got me through so much. He even added a little something that was the perfect touch to heal my aching heart. He allowed for a spur of the moment visit from my dear friend Stephanie Green, who I haven't seen since last December (we think), it has been so long we can't even remember.

Steph and I grew up together, our families go to the same church, we were in youth group and choir together, and our older sisters Beth and Jessica are best friends.  She lives up near San Fransisco so we rarely get to see each other, though we keep in touch over the phone. She is beautiful, someone I consider my sister. She knows me so well and we have been through so much together. From celebrations, to broken hearts she has seen me through it all! Whenever we are together we have the greatest adventures!

We walked the Bob Jones Bike Trail,
caught up on each others lives, and of course I
had to stop to show(and describe in great detail) all the cool plants we passed. I can't help myself.

The storm that passed through left the coast beautiful!

We tried to befriend seagulls, with no success.

We made a Stop At Avila Valley Barn

Went shopping in Downtown SLO.

Enjoyed a Halloween(Dance)Party at my House. We got pretty creative with our costumes.

Ran into a couple of Giants.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I couldn't not have asked for anything more encouraging then time with someone I adore. Love you Ms. Green!

Tonight will make for a wonderful night. Laying low, cozying up and watching a movie, sipping some hot apple cider and passing out candy to all of the adorable little trick or treaters.

Happy Halloween!

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