Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I Dug Today

1. Today, I realized I have a Blog and I'm posting for the first time in well over a year!

2. God gave me patience, something I prayed for specifically for today.

3. I made it through my 12 to 3 lab with minimal complaining. I'm really trying to work on keeping a good attitude though I have a rough relationship with my professor.

4. Today has been absolutely beautiful. I'm a warm weather type of girl, but today I couldn't get enough of the fog covered hill tops, cool air, and mist covered streets. I think I am finally ready for fall!

5. My house smells of pumpkin spice thanks to my sister. Wallflowers are so great!

5. God continually shows me His faithfulness, though I don't deserve it.

6. I have been incredibly blessed with amazing roommates, who I absolutely adore.

I must now go and make some dinner. My lovely fifth year bible study will be over here shortly for some good old Bible time. I'm really hoping to discipline my self and try and update this regularly, try being the key word. I really do want to make it happen!


Hope said...

Rachel! Love your blog! I'm a HUGE wallflower fan, too... i LIVE for the semi-annual sales - where I stock up. I'm lookingforward to seeing at Christmas!

Beth said...

yay! I love it!