Friday, April 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday (Friday)

Happy Thankful Thursday Friday to you!

I am thankful for  sweet, little surprises.

Aimee, Erin & Amanda

This past weekend UCI Cru had our very first Women's Retreat.
It was so neat and encouraging to watch the Lord work 
in the lives of the women in our movement.
He did great things.

But, to say that the weekend was busy is an understatement.
I came off the weekend exhausted,
combating multiple migraines
and really struggling through some things with the Lord.
Needless to say,
it has been a rough few days.
(But totally worth it in my book).

Tonight however was a pretty "sweet" night.
After weekly meeting two of our wonderful Cru women 
(Aimee & Amanda)
surprised each of us staff women with a little visit which included:
 homemade (delicious) cupcakes,
 a lovely thank you note 
and words of encouragement and affirmation
 about how much they loved women's retreat,
how much the Lord used it to impact their lives
and how thankful they were for each of us and the time and effort we put into the retreat.
{insert tears here}

It was honestly the sweetest thing
and it brought a huge smile to my face.
Little surprises like this are actually in fact huge blessings 
that can bring so much encouragement!

Thank you Lord,
for sweet, thoughtful women who I care deeply for.
Thank you for sweet surprises that turn my week complete around.
And thank you for sweet moments like these,
moments that remind me how flippin awesome my job is!

What are you thankful for today?...

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