Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Life Unexpected

Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

And a happy day it truly is,
my family and I have a growing list of things to be thankful for.
For starters, I am thankful that today 
 my sister will be coming home from the hospital.

I'm going to be honest here folks,
this week has not been pretty.
It's been awful.
My family has been a wreck for days,
as my sister Reese has been laying broken in a hospital bed.
None of us being able to do anything but sit beside her
and hold her hand as she's quietly suffered.
My heart just ached for her.

This week has brought a large amount of uncertainty,
proof that life is unexpected
and that once again God's plans are bigger than our own.

I got the call on Sunday afternoon.
My sister had been hurt while out on a boat
and was in an ambulance on her way to the hospital.
(it was also her birthday)
This was the only information I got.
Thankfully I was already planning on coming home,
so I jumped in my car and headed out a bit earlier than I had planned.

I spent hours at home just waiting,
annoyingly pacing around the house by myself.
I was going stir crazy. 
{our sweet pup never left my side though}
And my phone never left my hand as I waited for the dreadful updates 
that were coming in every now and then.
 I would then immediately be on the phone with my other sister,
trying to figure out what we could do.
We were scared.
I finally got to see my sister around 2am that night
 and let me tell you it has been a whirlwind ever since.
With every evaluation there was a new diagnosis,
and each time they were getting significantly worse.

Keeping a long story short
my sister broke part of her lower spine.
And when I say broke, I mean shattered.
And it was nothing but a freak accident that did it.

Reese has endured way more than I can ever imagine.
But let me say she has taken it all like a champion.
{clearly we know who the strongest sibling is,
she is absolutely incredible}
She has been moved from hospital to hospital,
from unit to unit, room to room,
to different beds, stretchers, gurneys,
she's been lugged around for x-rays and MRI's
all while completely unable to move
 in excruciating amounts of pain.

 Every day it has been a process.
And every day has brought more uncertainty
as to what things will look like tomorrow, 
in a week and even months from now.
But yesterday as I was walking up and down the hospital hallway
I was thinking there are 2 things that I am definitely certain of...

First that God is at work in all of this,
His hand is in it,
He is in control.
Second, there are about a gazillion and one things to be thankful for!

So today,
I am thankful for my sisters life.
I am thankful that I have an incredible older sister
 who is choosing to completely trust the Lord through all of this
no matter how unpleasant the situation gets.
I am thankful for the fact that she can wiggle her toes and move her legs.
I am thankful that today she sat upright and took her very first steps.
I am thankful that the brace they fit her with is providing the support
she needs so she can do those very things.
I am thankful that they have so far been able to avoid surgery.
{we are praying this continues}
I am thankful that my sister is a marathon runner,
extremely buff and is in great physical shape,
other wise her situation would look very different.
I am thankful for the precious time we got to spend as a family.
I am thankful to be a part of such an awesome and involved family,
to have parents that would do anything for their children
and siblings who care deeply for one another.
I am thankful that my sister has a wonderful husband
who hasn't left her side.
I am thankful that we are seeing more of the feisty Reese
we know and love come out daily.
{I've missed her}
I am thankful that my sister has an unbelievable support system.
I am thankful for everyone who has been praying for her to heal.
I am thankful that God DOES answer prayer.
I am thankful that whether or not we see it,
 God is at work.
I am thankful that He uses unexpected times in our lives 
to reveal Himself to us in very evident ways.
 {How mighty, powerful, compassionate, gracious, faithful and loving He is}.
I am thankful that He uses uncertain times to give us a glimpse of His handiwork.

Recovery is going to be a long and brutal process
{we are praying it will be quick}
but today we are celebrating the small steps taken and her arrival home!
We know and are confident that God will somehow use this all for His glory.

What are you thankful for today?...


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your update and noted progress and beautiful family. myra

Ann Bradley said...

I am thankful that our Great and Good Heavenly Father is holding Reese in His ever powerful hands and that He has provided Jim, you and your family to help and encourage His little Lamb.

Samantha said...

What great perspective, Rachel. Praying for all you guys, especially Reese. Even amidst this terrible accident, God is clearly good.