Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Very Thankful Thursday

A very  Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

Today I am thankful that I can say
 I am officially 100% supported!

I was praying even before I started raising support back in June
that it would some how be different than last year.
{last year was horrible
 and I DID NOT want to experience that again}
And when I say pray I mean I was pleading with God
that He would bring in all I need before my 
September 1st deadline.
In fact to make things interesting,
 I decided I wanted to finish the day before my deadline.
On August 31st.
I look back on how He brought in all my support last year
when things were looking nothing but grim 
and I know God is more than capable.
He can to this.

About a week ago
I only had a little more left to raise.
But at the rate things were happening
it was looking more and more like 
I would probably finish a few days after my deadline.
I decided to be happy about that
because even though it wasn't the 31st,
at least I would be finishing before campus stuff started.

Last Thursday night I couldn't sleep.
{pretty standard when raising support}
so naturally I got up and worked on support.
I checked my email and went over my numbers.
I redid some of my math and ended up changing a couple things.
I then added in some new support I saw come in when I went through my email
and then literally out of no where I was staring at this...

 I knew I had to have made a mistake somewhere.
{numbers are not my thing}
I went back and did the math 3, 4, 5 more times
but I kept getting the same result.

And just like that I was done with support.
I looked at the time and it was 1:47am
Friday, August 31st. 
The day before my deadline.
{I'm thinking God was laughing right along with me at this point}
By 1:48am this is precisely what was happening,
tears of joy.

I am thankful for each and every prayer 
that God answered so specifically.
{there are too many to count}

I am thankful for all God has taught me
through having to raise support this summer.
I am thankful that He has used this time
 to prepare me for what He has in store this coming year.
{in life & in ministry}

 I am thankful that God has been
 {and continues to be}
 extremely faithful and gracious 
and though I don't deserve any of it,
He once again brought in every cent that I needed.

I am extremely thankful
for each and every person on my support team.
I am thankful for your steps of faith to partner with me
and walk alongside me through this next year.
You each mean the world to me
and I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use you and your support
to change lives.

And I am so stinking thankful that I can finally say...
peace out, so long, sayonara to support,
and hello to full time campus ministry!

What are you thankful for today?....

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