Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The One Where I Should Be Working on Senior Project...

I can't even begin to tell you how I-N-S-A-N-E life is right now. I don't even know what end is up and I have been on an emotion roller coaster for quite some time now. The week has finally come for my Senior Project to be done and let me tell you I'm so excited to have this behind me.  

I'm am lucky enough to be doing my senior project with three other wonderful women! We are planning the Open House display for our department. Open House is  BIG deal for Cal Poly, a time for the university to show off to prospective and accepted students, family, and the community how great they think they are.  My group and I have been planning the showcase for our department since last september, and THIS Saturday is the big day.  I won't get into the nitty gritty details about everything we have had to deal with, but let me just say, the Horticulture and Crop Science Department has N-O-T been easy to work with!

All craziness aside, I would love to introduce you to the greatest team that has ever come together. I could not be more thankful for these ladies, it has been so wonderful to see how our paths have lead us to get to know each other and work together as our college careers come to an end. It has been so wonderful working with them, they are what have kept me going this past year!

Meet Beth-The silly, giggly, creative one....

Meet Carrie-The sweet, soft spoken, encouraging one.

Meet Dani-The expert business woman.

Oh, then there is me-the one who has most likely cried the most. No, but seriously, it's true.

We thought event planning and paper writing would be the "easy way out" rather than doing some sort of research type experiment for our senior project. We were W-R-O-N-G to say the least, this has in no way been an easy experience. I think it is safe to say, we have each learned a lot.

One of the things I am learning is how much I actually lack in trusting the Lord. He  has put me in a place where trusting Him to provide is the only option....The day of our event, I actually won't be able to be there. I'm going to miss everything, everything we have been working so hard on for the past 7 months.

Not that long ago I found out that I was accepted to intern with Campus Crusade for Christ for this coming school year and learned that my training for this internship is the same weekend as Open House. I couldn't believe it. I still don't. I probably will never understand why God allowed  this to happen, but I
H-A-V-E to trust Him, that He knows what He is doing. I have no other option. Having to choose between being at my senior project and going to training was kind of a no brainer, I knew I had to go. But actually making the choice and telling my group and my advisor was gut wrenching. This is when the tears started coming freely. I have been struggling with this for a couple months now, and the closer we get to the event the more my heart breaks.

Tonight we stayed late on campus working on some floral designing for the showcase. Here is a little sneak peak...

Our awesome friend Lexi came out to help us...THANK YOU!

If you want to see the rest, you should come to Cal Poly's Open House this weekend and stop by the Ag Pavilion, I'm just saying. I have a pretty good idea that our department will have the best display there!

I know that God is in control of all of this,  He has a plan. There is a reason why I had to make a choice to be at training and not Open House. Everything will work out, God isn't going to leave me hanging out to dry. God, I trust you.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
-1 Peter 5:7

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Jarah said...

Hope everything goes well with your Senior project... Hang in there, you are ALMOST DONE!!!