Monday, December 12, 2011

Friend Spotlight: The Floridian

Meet Margo.

She is one of my (new) roommates.
She is beautiful, tenderhearted, passionate and a HUGE blessing in my life.
Margo and I actually met on skype,
back in May when she was living in Paris.

I kept getting emails and Facebook messages
from mutual friends that we were learning we had in common.
Suggesting that I pursue her as a roommate.
Telling me we have similar interests,
that we would really mesh well together.
It was after just one time of skyping
we decided to do it, to be roommates.

She is originally from Florida (the land of Tim Tebow)
and this is her first time even being in California.
Her and I both work as interns for Cru.
She works in the PSW Regional Office and I work on campus.

It has been so fun to get to know her over these past couple months.
To see how the Lord is growing our friendship.
How He has broken down walls and
allowed for openness and vulnerability to enter in.
How we are learning to pursue each other.
How to love one another.
It is through Margo,
that the Lord is really teaching me the value of pursuing relationships.

Our mutual friends were right.
We do in fact have a lot in common.
We have very similar personalities, life experiences and passions.
Yesterday we got to spend some time meandering through some Live Oak forests.
It was cold, but absolutely beautiful!

There was talk about life.
The Future.
And yes, of course there was some intermittent talk about guys.

I love that Margo and I share the same adventurous spirit
and the same passion for the Lords magnificent creation.

The fall colors were brilliant.

The red Pyracantha berries brought us some Christmas spirit! 

There were moss covered rocks.

And walls of ferns!

I wasn't the only one taking snapshots of ferns...
(I'm teaching her well).

We also made some friends with a group of deer!

It's so exciting to be able to share moments like these with my roommate.
Moments where it's just us and the Lord.
Moments where we can grow together.

Margo, I am so thankful the Lord has brought you here.
That He has us walking together through this season of life.
I am blessed by you.
Know that you are treasured.

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Jarah said...

Yay for new friends. God is so faithful! I'm SO enjoying being able to keep up with your post-grad adventures. Know that you are in my prayers!