Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ministry and Terrariums

If you could hear the tone in my voice as I write this,
you would hear pure and utter excitement.
Anyone who truly knows me, 
knows the decibel I'm talking about....

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to
 combine two things that I love dearly.
Ministry and Horticulture.  
It was an awesome opportunity
to put my horticulture degree to work!

My freshman bible study ladies gathered up some of their friends
 for an evening full of horticultural goodness.
And I got to give my very first terrarium building lesson.
And boy was it fun, 
well at least I thought so!

I loved getting to hang out 
with such wonderful and lovely woman,
I got to meet some really awesome girls!

The night culminated with a free swipe into the dinning commons
(definitely a perk of leading a freshman study!)
where we all got to enjoy a somewhat delicious dinner 
and plenty more conversation.
As well as lots of ooooo's and ahhhhh's from the tables around us
as they saw our plethora of terrariums on the dinning tables.

Dinner of Champions!
What a blessing it is to be able to combine together
what I studied at Cal Poly into my ministry here at UCI.
Horticulturists here are few and far between.
I'm confident that the Lord knew what He was doing 
when He gave me a passion for plants!

Happy Tuesday!

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