Monday, March 19, 2012

Six Days and Counting

This time next week,
my team and I will STILL be in the air.
 Flying somewhere between Dubai and South Africa,
in the middle of some serious team bonding.

In preparation for my exciting travels to South Africa,
I may have done a little research.
things are about to get real nerdy here.

I remember back to my Cal Poly days,
one of my favorite things about being a Horticulture major
was all the time that I got to spend in the beautiful arboretum.
Recalling even more,
I realized one of my favorite parts of the arboretum 
was the South African garden!
The colors and textures
were brilliant and breathtaking. 

My heart leaped at the realization 
that I would soon be surrounded by these lovely plants...
in their actual habitat!!
Never in a million years did I ever believe this would happen.

I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite 
South African plants.

The Protea.
(also known as pincushions)

I love how unique and intricate this flower is.
Its whimsical character makes it
 one of my favorites to use in arrangements.

After looking into this countries plant life a little further,
I've come to learn that this lovely plant
is actually South Africa's national flower!

Who's got two thumbs,
and is now even more excited about her upcoming adventures?..
This girl.

Six days and counting!

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Jane Gordon said...

You are going to have such an amazing time Rae! So many waiting to HEAR...Love you!