Saturday, November 13, 2010


This past week I was (and still am) extremely inspired by my sister's. If you know me, then you know how much I adore my wonderful parents and younger brother and look up to my older sisters. Well, in the span of three days my sister's both did some amazing things. To start with, on Sunday, November 7, my oldest sister Reese ran the New York Marathon!

Reese with 1 mile to go!

She did awesome too, this woman is a maniac! With horrible asthma, cold  weather, a time change and 26 miles against her, she dominated! I couldn't be more proud of her. We spent that entire morning tracking her, her husband was running all over the course to see her and give us updates at every checkpoint. There was so much excitement in the air! I was training for a Marathon in high school, but had to back out due to an injury, I was bummed.  But, after watching my sister complete this marathon it reignited my desire!

Then, Tuesday provided to be an exciting day as well, I became an Aunt!!!!  My sister Beth had a rough pregnancy. She has had HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum) and I have to admit, it was very hard to watch my sister have to go through that. She was sick her ENTIRE pregnancy and was on Zofran, an anti nausea medicine for chemo patients. Even with the medicine she was just plain sick. I spent the first 9 weeks of her pregnancy pretty much living with her and her husband and taking care of her while she was on bed rest and unable to do anything. We have all been counting down the days to when the little one would arrive.  So after a very long and painful 9 months and 39 long hours of labor Adelyn Grace Brady was welcomed into the world with open arms.

7 lbs. 4 oz. and absolutely perfect!

First time holding my niece! 

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing God is. I look at Adelyn and think to myself how on earth do you do this God?  How did this intricate, little being start from nothing bigger than a sesame seed? She has been handmade, knit together, and wonderfully made by our creator. That just blows my mind! I could go on and on about all the little things I have seen and learned about pregnancy and post pregnancy and how crazy it all is, but we would most likely be here for a long time. I can tell you that whenever I have this beautiful baby in my arms, I can't help but ask myself how people can witness the miracle of life and not believe that there is a God who created it? Only God knows why I guess.  

I can't get enough of her, I am in love.
I think it is safe to say that my sister's are amazing and that I have a lot to live up to! I love how different both of them are from each other and I love to think I have a little bit of both of them in me.  I have and always will look up to them, love and adore them.

 After watching each of them this past week it really got me thinking of things I would love to be apart of and do during my time here on earth.  Now that college is coming to a close (FINALLY) I have a real life to start living and I am so excited for what the Lord has in store. A while ago I came up with a "Life To Do List" of all the things that I would love to be able to do, some of which I actually have been able to! Here are just some of the things I have in mind (in no particular order).

"Life to Do List"

Marry a wonderful, Godly man
Get over my fear of heights
Get over my fear of flying
Have my own garden (complete with a water feature)
Go to New York City
Run a Marathon on the East and West Coast
See a show on Broadway
Travel through Italy
Graduate college (SO CLOSE!!)
Swim in the Jordan
Walk where Jesus walked
Intern for a year for Campus Crusade for Christ (NEXT YEAR!)
Be a mom
Be a (good) mom
Climb Mt. Whitney
Hike half dome
Speak another language fluently
Experience an East Coast Autumn
Play piano again
Have a white Christmas
Experience another culture
Be a good Auntie
Learn to love more and forgive easier

What inspires you and what are you inspired to do?

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