Sunday, November 28, 2010


In this season of thanksgiving I have been trying to think of all the things I have to be thankful for, and I must say there are far too many to count. God provides for me every single day, from when I take my first breath in the morning to when I close my eyes at night and every single thing in between. With every breath I take I should be thanking the Lord, because his provisions are unending. I do find it a little sad that we take only one day a year to be thankful.  Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, it really is a special time and the food is fabulous. But shouldn't thanksgiving be more than just one day out of the year? Shouldn't we be living our lives in thanksgiving every day? Easier said than done, I know. I will be the first to admit I am guilty of not being thankful enough because I get caught up in my own life on my own time. I suffer from an extreme case of selfishness.  But thankfully, over the past couple of years God has really been challenging me in this area.

So, in honor of Thanksgiving here are some things my Savior has given me to be thankful for.

1. Number on my list...That He saved me and has given me new life, in Him I am a new creation.

2. My wonderful family that loves me despite my short comings. A patient father, a giving mother, 2 very encouraging sister's, a younger brother who has a big heart (even if he doesn't like to show it) and my dog who is STILL with us after 14 (almost 15) years. 

3. Functioning feet. They may not be the most stable, but I am able to run!

4.My friends who are so different from each other and yet so compatible with me. Friends who I love, adore, and can't get enough of.

5. Financial provisions. Always at the times when I need it the most.  It always blows my mind when I have an unexpected and important expense and money just shows up at my door step.

6. My job. Even if I am not working at the moment because it isn't quite wedding season, I have the greatest job. God provided when I needed it the most even though I was the least qualified.. I'm so blessed that I get to be surrounded by gorgeous flowers and help make someones wedding beautiful. I love getting to see the brides face when she see's her flowers it's very special.

7. Polly my car. She is a trooper!. My grandmother, one of the most generous people I know, gave my parents her old car for me to use when she got a new one. 125,00 miles and still going strong!

8. College. I may not like Cal Poly and school may not be my "thing", but the life lessons I have learned these past 5 years I will take away with me and use years from now. I will say, I will probably be more thankful once I graduate though :)

9. My mistakes. Most of which have ended in a broken heart, but thankfully I can look back on them now and see that with out them I would not have learned to fully rely on God.

10. My bible study. The best part of my week.

11. Being an aunt. I am so in love with my baby niece, she is such a gift from God who has blessed not only her parents, but me as well.

"Give thanks to the Lord our God and King, His love endures forever."

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Jane Gordon said...

I love all that you are thankful for Rae. When we go through the desert we most certainly can appreciate the those glimpses into the promised land that lies ahead. It's so neat that you have times where the heat is turned down and you can realize how wonderful it all really is. Bits and pieces.....Sometimes that is just what we need to continue on toward the prize. I love you and I am thankful that God made you my daughter. I can't wait to see just where God will take you!