Monday, November 22, 2010

Things I'm Digging

This past week has been full of it all! Big decisions, babies, family, friends, tons of school, roommates, Harry Potter, more school, long nights, early mornings, lots of car time, oh, and way more school...

Here are some things I dug this week:

1) I got to spend a couple extra days in So Cal snuggling this little one...

2) I got to visit with my best friend Jodi.

3) My cousin Lauren drove up from San Diego to meet Adelyn and we had a wonderful time catching up on life.

4) I baked my first homemade pie, pumpkin with graham cracker crust!

5) I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with my roommates on Wednesday night. Complete with a turkey and all the fixings! 

And what is dinner at the Shire without dancing?...
And some of Bercha's Bruschetta!

6)Had my last working Disease and Pest Management Lab on Thursday. I will miss it though, I mean who doesn't want to wear outfits like this?!
Me and my group for the quarter.

7) Had a great bible study Tuesday night on being content. It was a biggie!

8) Had a wonderful Friday coffee date with the beautiful woman I get to disciple.

9) Got to go on a beautiful run with my roommate Caitlin.

10) My roommates hosted a Harry Potter Party at our house complete with goodies and treats to eat from the movie, costumes, and the H.P. soundtrack in the background. The night culminated with going to see the movie, and it was good! May not be the best movie for little children though. None the less, I loved it!
Compliments of Steph
Dobby is by far my favorite.
Enjoying the company :)
So excited!

11) Last, but certainly NOT least. God has really been answering my prayers by showing me and giving me confidence in decisions I have to make. I am about 99% sure where I will be applying to Intern with Crusade next year and I couldn't be more excited. Can't wait to see what God has in store!

Hope you dig your Monday!


Stephanie Johnson said...

It's Dobby =)

And I love that I am in so many of the things on your list =)

Rae said...

Spelling noted, I'm a little H.P. rusty. Thanks for having my back!